RNC speaker: married women shouldn't vote

Abby Johnson: "Here’s another one. I would support bringing back household voting.

[giant emoji cut]

How anti-feminist of me."


“In May of this year, Johnson said she supported a “one vote per household” agenda. When questioned if there was a split between the man and woman, she replied, “Then they would have to decide on one vote. In a Godly household, the husband would get the final say”…”

This is the opinion of a pre-selected, approved guest at the RNC. And since the GOP hasn’t come up with a 2020 platform, it’s arguable that the GOP is now whatever Trump loyalists say it is.

Do you agree with her?

I fully expect she lives up to her own ideals.

Yikes .

Wouldn’t that actually hurt Republicans as those are more likely to be married (and godly) ?

No, I don’t agree with her. But she is entitled to hold and express that view in a party that values independent thought and freedom of conscience. In the Democrat hive, not so much. She’d be bullied into group-think or cancelled.

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I think maybe what you’re referring to is ‘challenged for the misogyny innate to her position.’


That’s a great idea…cuz I am the MAN of the house.

Oh wait…gotta go. “Coming dear”. :sunglasses:

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Religion, which she is basing her opinion on, is the epitome of “group-think”.


Not my religion. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with religion.

But choked if she didn’t change with the challenge.


I just thought it was interesting that you’d consider Democrats as being synonymous with “group think”. Because when I think about the Democratic party and the people who make up that party, I think of diversity. Diversity of people, diversity of thought. I also consider the Democratic party to be pretty open minded and progressive. The Republican party, on the other hand, isn’t as diverse. The platform and policies are far more black-and-white with little room for deviation. Which, in my opinion, makes the GOP much more synonymous with “group think” based on their adherence to conservative, christian values. Which are inherently strict and concrete.


GOP dropped even the pretense of adhering to conservative christian values back in 2016. They are all in for diversity now, which translates into letting anyone (including extremists and loons) say their piece so long as they kneel for Trump.

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Nothing will spread that way.

Do you ever wonder why there isn’t a lot of diversity of opinion on whether we should accommodate ourselves to the law of gravity? Does the prevalent uniformity of agreement about gravity imply necessarily that some group think mind control is in play? Would diversity of opinion re gravity be better than agreement?

Maybe the same conservative values simply work for and make consistent sense to a larger number of people.

Gravity is maybe not the best example to go with, given the enormous diversity of theories re: its origin, its status as a fundamental force, whether it can be explained in quantum terms, etc.

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Try being around evangelical Christians as a non - Trump supporter. I’ve been screamed at, cussed out, physically assaulted, and told I’m not a Christian because I don’t vote “the right way.”

All by evangelicals who I once thought of as friends.

My non - support of Trump has been fortified greatly by the behavior of his followers.


The GOP doesn’t need to be Christian to win the votes of Christians away from Democrats. They just need to have more Christian compatible policies than the Democratic party.

Sure you have.

Are you suggesting that the GOP is an openly religious party?

About the reaction I’ve come to expect out of Trump supporters.

And they wonder why people despise Trump so much.