RNC does Hillary one better...sets stage to cancel 2020 primaries

This resolution, if adopted by the full RNC, effectively shuts down any attempt by another Republican to primary Donald Trump.

GOP loses ALL credibility if they do this. And I will finally leave and become an independent.

This shutdown is an attempt to make Congress irrelevant.

Then the GOP prevents Trump from being primaried.

What’s next? Declare an emergency on the caravans coming north and suspend the 2020 general?

Cool. The transformation is pretty much complete. The GOP is full Trumpist. Now the RNC is full Trumpist. He’s now the official ideological leader of the Republican Party.

If they’re foolish enough to pull a stunt like this, I may very well vote for the democratic candidate for president in 2020.


Someone who was a straight republican voter from 1990 - July 2016.


The Mitch McConnell tonic.

trump shouldn’t have lasted this long, let alone eight years.


Well, they cant cancel the primaries - and they can’t stop the winner of the primaries from being on the ballot as the (R).

Their pledge of allegiance is really bad PR for them, but there’s not that much they can do.

Why can’t they cancel the primaries?



One can only hope that Trump not only loses in 2020, but goes down in flames so badly that there is no doubt that Trumpism was an abject failure of an experiment that needs never be repeated again.

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So the RNC wants to rig the elections?



Yep. The first time in my life I voted other than straight republican was in November of 2016. I voted 3rd party in the Presidential race that year.

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The story is just a report of a vote of support for the President by an RNC subcommittee. There is nothing about ending primaries.

Of course some will hyperventilate about hypotheticals.

They theoretically could, but they won’t. As a whole, they’re not that stupid.

Good gracious.

I really hope this is not something that is truly discussed within the RNC. It undermines the fabric of being a democracy.

If President Trump is not the suitable choice as the candidate in 2020, then someone else who is a better choice should be chosen to represent Republicans.


Well, it’s not just a “a vote of support”. If it passed the RNC as a whole, it would prevent them from funding (or even endorsing) a theoretical Republican who defeated Trump in 2020.


That will show them. DEMs will gladly welcome you with open arms. :+1:

So shall we put you down as being in favor of this move by the RNC Resolutions Committee?


Russian National Committee


National Russian Associstion

We don’t expect him to become a Democrat.

He will vote for who most aligns with his beliefs and values.