RNC Considering allowing no primary challengers to Trump in 2020

One can’t use evidence of what we know to make any definitive statement about something that might not be known.

What Brazil did was bad, but one can’t argue that saying that there was going to be a question about lead poisoning in Flint was any great help.

There isnt a big enough laughing emoji for this…

Corruption is better suited for the dnc…sure let’s ignore recent history and the indictments


I mean if one forgets that Cohen and Broidy were the finance chairs of the RNC.

But hey… they didn’t leak questions about lead poising in Flint.


Considering the results you make a good point…cheating is still cheating and Sanders is still sitting in the Senate, while Clinton is mulling her future in books and numerous media and PR appearances.

Getting caught cheating AND losing is a hurtful double whammy.


Fox News let Trump cheat during an actual debate (not a random town hall).

Both Fox News and the RNC let him get away with it. No one cared.

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I thought he was an imbecile that needed Russian Facebook meme’s to win 3 key swing states?

Did not know he was actually a political Houdini that performed a debate slight of hand to sweep into office in 2016.

Curse you FOX news…Foiled again.


Slight of hand? No. He cheated in broad daylight, in front of everyone, which seems to be his preferred method of cheating.

If I had to wager a guess, I’d say he was probably too stupid to know the rules and when called out too arrogant to back down.

… what the links in the OP say are REPORTEDLY doing.

But yes, I’d would oppose it if it did happen.

Yet I’d wager that you, and the vast majority of the RNC base will still cheerfully cast your votes for the “Anointed One” in 2020. That’s what they’ll be counting on if they choose to take this route.

Ah. So the Republicans want to rig the primaries for the anointed one.

That’s funny.

Do you seriously think that my opposition to this move would prompt me to slit my wrist by voting for the Dem instead?

Cheerfully? Hardly.

Your post cuts both ways. During these past two years libs across the board have carefully and repeatedly tried to distance themselves from Hillary. But were she the 2020 candidate, you know she would get as many votes then as she did in 2016. Would all those voters be doing so “cheerfully”? Maybe some. Some others, probably not.

There’s messiness on both sides of the aisle. Posts intended to cast aspersion on voters from the other side simply reflect what happening on one’s own side. You know that. I thing everyone on this board knows it.

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Clinton is not going to be the 2020 nominee. That just isn’t going to happen. A new bogiewoman is going to have to be found.

Clinton was a terrible candidate. She had a terrible campaign that made a ton of mistakes. She still got millions of more votes than the guy in the White House.

How much better politically would the GOP have it had a Clinton won? Well… they wouldn’t be on a constant daily defense of a man who is clearly unfit for the office, they would still have a punching bag to hit in Clinton without looking foolish, the massive amounts of corruption and fraud in the RNC and GOP would not be coming to light, the NRA wouldn’t be in a tailspin, they wouldn’t have to clench their buttocks everytime the President works to dismantle the Western Alliance, they would still have control of the House and maybe even picked up seats, and the deficit wouldn’t be exploding so they wouldn’t have freely given up that moral high ground.

I am sure I could come up with a few more, but I got work to do.


Good, we have our leader forever and we don’t need cucks and libs trying to muck up the process.

I said nothing about “slitting your wrists” and voting for the Democrat (melodramatic much?) I didn’t vote for Hillary, and in fact never have cast a vote for a Democrat. There are other options, as you full well know.

I know…I know…now is the time you’ll trot out the time-honored canard about how a 3rd Party vote is just a vote for the Democrat. Well, I can assure you, my vote for a conservative 3rd Party candidate in 2016 did not make Hillary Clinton President.

If the RNC actually does pull a stunt like this, all your vote for Trump in 2020 would do would be to signal to the RNC that you’re fine with such tactics, and they were right to trust you to be a loyal soldier to the ‘cause’. And this will embolden them to continue to further take such votes for granted, which is exactly how the party got to where it is. Sure, you’ll grumble and make some quiet noises…maybe even a semi-sternly worded post here (though I doubt even that much), but you’ll continue to do what your masters in the RNC tell you to.

Well done, thou good and loyal servant! :clap:



Do you even know the details of this specific allegation? I’m guessing no, but maybe you’ll surprise us and recount with accuracy what exactly happened. And then you can link to this event showing how it proves the Primary was rigged. I’m waiting with bated breath.

Truly fascinating. Wow

He was a criminal that had to engage in a conspiracy to commit multiple felonies in order to steal the election in those three states. Something you apparently condone and applaud. Fascinating.


There is zero doubt that the GOP is all-in on Trumpism. This is their new philosophy. I say they should embrace it. Shout it from the rooftops. Along with childish nicknames and complete lack of any ability to form a coherent thought. I relish the death of the GOP and will watch it with great joy.

Along with its potential embrace here of what it squealed in protest about the DNC doing, i.e. protecting its desired candidate.

GOP has given itself over to Trumpism, and is now lost. It’ll take a long time to find its way back, if ever.

Party over Country.