RNC Considering allowing no primary challengers to Trump in 2020

This is coming after some state parties are considering having no primaries at all:

And after the RNC has decided to completely merge it’s 2020 efforts with the Trump campaign:

It will be very interesting to see eventual Republican efforts to disentangle from the Trump brand after all of this. It really is the party of Trump, for now.

Irrespective of what you think of Trump, any political party tying itself this closely to one candidate and even considering disallowing challenges to their status is reeeeally dumb and potentially dangerous.

Or as Trump would say: Rigged elections! Sad!


That’d be pretty funny considering the derision the dems got from the reps for supposedly rigging their primary to favor Hillary over Bernie.


Ha ha. Virgin Islands

It wasn’t “supposed”. The DNC did rig the primaries for Hillary.
I very much oppose the RNC doing what the OP says it’s doing. Trump needs to be subject to primary challenges.
I can only think of once that primarying an incumbent has mattered- 1968. It forced LBJ out.

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How many votes did Hillary get and how many votes did Bernie get?

It’s like the RNC is doing everything it can to ensure it becomes a laughingstock.

Standard bearers of democracy on display.

The DNC didn’t rig the election for Clinton.

If you are speaking of the emails that were leaked by the Russians, the complaints that DNC staffers were making about Sanders were because she had already locked up the delegates and there was no path to victory for him but he still refused to drop out.

Yet another case where Russian disinfo still persists to this day.


Let Romney, Flake, Corker, anyone who cares to challenge President Trump in a primary have their shot.

If Cruz could not beat him in 2016, I don’t see Kasich or Romney getting and support.

I think Mitt is pretty comfy slinging mud from the sideline and not wanting to actually wrestle for real in the mud pit.


Cruz is highly unlikable.

Anyone could beat that loser.

Just giving her the debate questions ahead of time was enough to establish a fraudulent and biased DNC selection.

The rest was gravy and fun times kicking Sanders supporters in the shin.

I like him. I liked him much more by his conduct after losing to Trump and when attacked by the D hyenas in a public restaurant.

I like Mitt too, but he is an easy out of touch rich guy target that does not relish fighting back like Trump does.

If the GOP does this, they deserve to go the way of the Whig party.

I actually voted for him in 2016.

That being said - after he kissed Trump’s ring, there is no way in hell I would vote for him as a dog catcher now.


Mitt is a good person with a strong sense of morality.

Ted is a gross human being. There’s so much wrong with him I can’t even begin to start.

Just look at everything Trump has said about Ted and you’ll see why you should never support that man for any office.

I forgive you.

Donna Brazil giving the question was bad… and she got fired for it.

But also, when one looks at what the heads up Brazil gave as to what the question was likely to be one would see that she gave the topics that were to be discussed in and instance the Death Penalty and another about Lead Poisoning for a debate taking place in Flint Michigan.

It’s not like brazil dropped any huge bombshell.

What she did was really really stupid and underhanded and she rightfully was called out for it.

But I think that it is hard to argue, given the content that she really tipped anyone off to any surprise questions.

Beto didnt

If you throw out all the illegal votes Cruz got…

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…and THAT is just what we know about thanks to an electronic paper trail…


The R are no utopian actors, but corruption seems to be better suited to the DNC.

Ironically Trump is too inexperienced and hyper involved with himself to play these corrupt games.

Simply put, his own political stupidity makes him a mostly honest player. Doesn’t mean he does not talk BS in public, just that he does not take the time, nor trust in co-conspirators to rig any system behind the scenes.