Rising threat of nuclear war

I’ve always seen it. It’s not a new revelation. I simply refuse to take the over simplistic view that it’s all our fault.

No worries, it should be easy for the Sniffer in Chief to get some unity going. Maybe he’ll even do something historic. :rofl:

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Unfortunately most historic events are considered historic because they kill so many people.

People who have grown up since the 1980s have no experience with real threats of nuclear war. On the other hand, US media during the Reagan years was more than happy to provide the gory details. Consider this trailer for an ABC movie about a nuclear war been the US and the Soviet Union.


On the other hand, America’s last President not only stopped WW3 from happening, he stepped foot into North Korea.

Imagine having to get up on stage right after George Carlin. :wink:


Could we end up in a nuclear war because of the ignorance and condescension from people running things in Washington?

Have the years of hype about COVID and climate change blinded people to the real risks of nuclear war?

We could end up in a nuclear war.

But blaming it on:

COVID hype
Climate change hype

is the kind of insane, hot-garbage take that keeps me coming back to this forum.


The White House appears to believe its own propaganda and misinformation.

How does rational decision-making work in that environment?

Would Biden be capable of challenging the advice of experts like Kennedy did during the Cuban missile crisis?

That’s a really good movie.

I watched The Day After and Threads back to back when I was 15.

Really opened my eyes. Started my fascination with nuclear weapons. As well as my general hatred of them.

I have a complicated view on whether nuclear weapons should exist. On one hand, I do believe that their presence stopped a conventional world war between the United States and the USSR during the Cold War. On the other hand, they are such devastating weapons that the mere act of them being used would bring civilization back to the 1300s. And that is if we are lucky.

Have they moved the Doomsday Clock yet??

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Only gets updated once a year, in January.

The other great movie of that time was Testament, which probably haunted my 12 or 13 year old self more than The Day After.

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Putin and his henchmen/ enablers prosecuting an assault on non- combatants for the purposes of terrorism have descended to the level of war criminals.

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After hearing that hurricane prep should include vaccination I am waiting for our POTUS to tell us getting vaccinated and buying N-95s is something we should do in preparation for a new cold war with Russia.

Nuclear holocaust would definitely be man made global warming except it won’t be warming the ones that survives will be in for a nuclear winter where the average temperature is 13-17 fahrenheit those few survivors would be begging for global warming nothing would grow.

Yes, The Day After caused quite a stir when was released on US television. The idea of losing tens of millions of Americans in a nuclear war was very distressing.

My recollection is that people in Poland saw the movie and were not so shocked. The reaction was more like along the lines of “wars are like that”. Of course, the context is that Poland lost about 20% of its population in World War II.

I would be careful of declaring anyone officially a war criminal while they still had control of nukes.

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I (a non expert) place the chances at .0000001%


That’s total propaganda, he stopped nothing.


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Did Russians advanced during Trump years? Did China? Did NK? or Iran?

Trump was too busy licking Putin’s boots for that to happen.

There is reason Putin wanted trump to win.

He like trump likes admiration.


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OK…paid troll.

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