Rise - NBC Cancels the Show

No. It is my way of saying I did not point to any President and tell my children, “That is what a godly walk in faith looks like.” Oddly enough, I used Jesus for that.

It has nothing to do with religion. The show just wasn’t good. It tried too hard.

That is a good assessment.

Trump isn’t an active Christian, he’s a CINO. I find absolutely nothing to be admired about Trump’s Christianity. He doesn’t know how to talk the talk of Christianity, and he certainly doesn’t walk the walk. Not saying his immediate predecessor and/or opponent was any better, but Trump is not a good example of Christianity in his outward guise. I don’t know what is in his heart.

And she won’t.

Two different issues are getting discussed in this sub-thread. One is Trump’s presidency. The other is the person.

I can’t point to anything in him as a person that I would extol. Not without forcing myself into a terrible reach.

But there are more than enough issues in his presidency that I support. (Which does NOT say that there aren’t also issues in his presidency that I vehemently disagree with.)

Therefore, my inability to find anything exemplary in Trump as a person (other than that he, like any one of us, is a child of God) does NOT dictate that I should want to cancel his presidency.

Thank you, yes - there was a conflating of issues there.

I was taught not to make personal comments about another person behind their back. Doing that is gossiping and gossiping, I was told, is not a good thing. It reveals nothing about Donald Trump, and everything about me.

I was also taught that each one of us has a divine spark, that we should look for Christ in each and every person we meet. If that cannot be found, the fault is more likely to lie in my ability to see than in the other person.

So, all those who are encouraging me to engage in gossip, I will thank to stop. Let’s keep the talk focused on policy(s) this President is pursuing.

I treat this presidency no differently than any other presidency that has occurred in my adult life. I note what each President does on policy, and then watch how it plays out. I compare his actions with the actions I might have taken (or not taken) had I been in his shoes. I am no longer surprised when “my” way is right, or when it is wrong, or as is usual, that either way often will work itself out. Something is set into motion, then people are in place to make tweaks along the way.

The hysteria bothers me. It says little about the person who is in office and much about the nation. As a person who is part of this nation, I say, knock it off. It is unbecoming and accomplishes little–in my opinion.

No one is gossiping whether Donald is an adulterer, liar, braggart, and a cheat - it’s a matter of public record, made so by the man himself.

Remember too, when I asked you what you found admirable about Donald as a person you responded “he thought he could run the country better than anyone else so he ran for president.” That’s not exactly glowing praise.

I told you.

Why would you expect glowing praise when I have said often enough that in the primaries, I ranked Donald Trump seventh among the Republicans? What is your point?

Talking behind a person’s back about their personal attributes/behavior is gossiping. It is why newspapers who went in that direction were referred to as Gossip Rags. I was trained in another direction.

Who is talking behind who’s back? Donald has made his behavior and words fully open and available to the public.

Is he present for this conversation?

If you were to answer the other fellow’s question about what Trump has done that is exemplary, or Christ-like, or which shows his “divine spark”, then you wouldn’t be “gossiping” about him or “talking behind his back”.

Generally, such speech is called “praise”, “compliments”, or “kudos”, and these are actually good things. The subject of the conversation is not required to be present. In fact, to praise someone when he’s not present is probably more effective than present, because it shows genuine sincerity and not an attempt to impress the person with flattery or to get something in return.

Also, this is an open public forum, so praising someone for their “divine spark” is hardly “gossiping behind their back”.

Just sayin’.