Rise - NBC Cancels the Show

Have any of you caught this Spring’s new drama, “Rise”? It has been cancelled, apparently because it is extremely liberal and mocks Christianity.

While I understand how some can apply the labels of “Extremely Liberal” and “Mocks Christianity”, I see it more as a modern cliche of “modern” society. I found nothing shocking in the show, nothing we haven’t all heard before. That being said, I still found the program interesting.

Has anyone else been following Rise? Do you see it as an unbearable mockery of Christianity?

Haven’t heard of the show, but those types of things don’t have an impact on my faith. I tend to get a chuckle over what people say though.

Reading between the lines, the married father of two, who has a son who is a homosexual, is himself a homosexual, but turned his life over to religion and family.

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Ah, the classic closet/religious case. Cliché IMO.

I watched one show. It sucked. That’s the real reason it was cancelled. Nobody much liked it. It had mediocre, at best, ratings.

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Clichés are definitely boring when stretched out for hours.

There were too many characters to keep track of. Paradoxically, as a teacher, I noted that these “too many” characters were way too few for so many outliers to be tied to the high school drama performance. Also, they portrayed the highly successful drama director as someone who couldn’t control a high school English class. Students don’t respect their drama coach only to show great disrespect when he is teaching English.

As far as religion: The message there seemed to be that not even religion can stop a homosexual father from fathering a homosexual son. A better story line might have been how a family copes with homosexuality while still living their faith. Rise seemed to be saying it cannot be done. I see that part differently.

Especially when the conclusions they reach can be seen from miles away.


We have a president whose lies and personal behavior mock Christianity every day. Can we cancel his presidency?


There is nothing anyone can do to make this Presidency better? There is nothing on which we can support this President?

As a person? You tell me - anything about him peraonally you find exemplary?

I see good in everyone, and President Trump is no exception. I see different ways people use to tackle any problem. What I am seeing is a huge number of people who can’t seem to see any good in President Trump. I am seeing a huge number of people who can’t seem to appreciate a different approach to any problem.

When someone can never find any good in anything a person does, then their own measure of credibility sinks in my eyes. Perhaps that is unfair, but I’ve been in the President’s shoes as far as someone thinking I could never do anything right.

You didn’t answer the question.

What, specifically, do you find exemplary about Donald as a person?

He looked at America’s policies in a variety of different areas. He thought he could do better at running the country, so he put his money on the line and made a run for it.

What has President Trump done that the country cannot survive, cannot work with?

never heard of it but then i dont watch much network tv since we cut the cord

Good for you! Every so often I think about doing that, but it is not close to happening in the foreseeable future.

Not to get too far into the weeds, but what you’ve given me here is that you feel it’s exemplary that Donald decided he could run the country better than anyone else so he used some of his fortune for a campaign. Forgive me but that doesn’t seem particularly admirable in the context we’re discussing. Is there anything about Donald’s business dealings, his personal relationships, his marriages, his words, or his behavior you would point your kids to and say “That’s what a godly walk in faith looks like”?

Which President do you point your kids to and say, “That is what a godly walk in faith looks like?”

Is that your way of saying there’s nothing about Donald personally you find admirable in the context of Christianity?

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From the context of Christianity? Carter was pretty decent.

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