Rise in gang activity upon the wealthy in CA

I assume as long as they don’t kill anyone they likely won’t be prosecuted:

I guess we can just view this as a way to eliminate income inequality.

From the link:

The robberies were part of a larger trend of “follow-home” robberies in which the thieves would rob someone shortly after leaving a high-end location such as a restaurant or nightclub, according to the LAPD Follow Home Robbery Task Force.

This sort of robbery was “almost unheard of” before 2021, Tippet said. The LAPD formed the Follow Home Robbery Task Force in November after observing a trend of similar crimes in September and October, when armed suspects coordinated to rob people of high-end vehicles and jewelry. The LAPD has encouraged residents not to wear jewelry in public to avoid possibly being targeted by these gangs.

Follow-home robberies have been on the rise over the last six months. There were 165 follow-home robberies in 2021, Tippet told the Los Angeles Times, and there have already been 56 in 2022.

It’s LA. They love living with ■■■■ like that. :person_shrugging:

Peoples Republic of California. Otherwise known as a ■■■■ hole. :man_shrugging:

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If the perps aren’t white…there’s no real danger. Just ask the FBI who the number one threat is? :roll_eyes: :-1:

I predict a sudden increase in private security…

Already happening.

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And bigger walls. Around their mansions, not protecting the border…of course.


Sounds like jealousy. Beaches, high paying jobs, entertainment, weather, landscape.

I want to vacation or live in Missouri or Tennessee…. Says no one ever.

None of that is worth the traffic let alone the crime rate.

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Or the filth and stench of the air “quality”. :rofl:

Besides, I have more sandy beaches in Missouri than California has coast. :sunglasses:

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Traffic sucks on your way to the beach, or snow, or Vegas, or Disneyland, or…

Crime rate… have you spent any length of time in LA? There are many many places you can go and deal with very little crime.

Already have my week long reservation in July for Gatlinburg Tenn.

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Ahh those lake beaches :rofl:

Darn I wish I had those… oh wait.

You’re wandering off already?

Try having something that every other state in the nation doesn’t already have before you go around begging people to be jealous of your little ■■■■ hole. :wink:


Wait are you saying Missouri is on par with LA when it comes to those? Please tell me you aren’t that silly. :rofl:

Lake beaches… we have those too… and they’re nicer :rofl:

Yes. We have everything that California has, with less pollution, stench, crime, etc… The idea that California is special for anything other than timeless jokes is just another timeless joke. :rofl:

Also, my money goes further than yours. :wink:


I will take our lake house in Wisconsin over a crowded beach any day of the week.


Bet none of your stuff gets stolen by a junkie at the lake either. :wink:


Not just gang activity either. I just saw a story on another new type of robberies that are happening, not just in California but to rich people all over. Foreigners are coming in as tourists for the specific purpose of burglarizing rich people.

Don’t expect Libs to do anything about it though, if it doesn’t affect them directly, they don’t care how many people are victimized by anything, so long as the perpetrators or their feelings don’t get hurt in the process.

I have no sympathy for any rich person who voted for Joe Biden or Obama before him getting victimized by their own stupidity. If they want to defund and demonize police and they’re too stupid to realize the consequences of that, if they want to continue to ignore the 2nd amendment and disallow people from protecting themselves, then let them get robbed.

I’m glad I live in a state where carry permits are no longer required.