Rio Linda’s tourism board should try to attract these tourists

… they’re just up the road a spell…

61% drop in clearing cases … and it wasn’t good to begin with (3.5% v 9%).

cars schmars… the real crime is not wearing masks

You have to hire private security in crappy countries. Guess that goes for cities too.

Time to start shooting.

News that two or three burglars have gotten shot will cool down the brazenness of others.

Of course, the citizenry there are essentially disarmed, so about all they can do is aim their phones and record the bold daylight breakins. :man_shrugging:

In Dallas, smaller dollar crimes will not be prosecuted, therefore the police will not respond even as the theft is in progress.
This ignores that the same people are committing crime after crime and effectively legalizes theft.

Slash the tires on their get away cars.

Or break a taillight.

And then when they attack you, wind up vilified and on trial, like Rittenhouse.

That’s a huge risk, and a mountainous possibility.

Another article on this issue, with an inside perspective:

Oh, they’ll do that if you do nothing.