Ridiculous Laws in Your States


At a bar but i cant buy a bottle of gin


Glad we could agree.


still a dumb law


I can buy a bottle of liquor on a Sunday in Texas. :smile:


Yeah that’s not true. I got a straw with my combo meal just yesterday


Class VI .


Is it that hard to plan 1 day ahead?


We have a weird law about car dealers and Sundays here too, but I don’t remember exactly how it goes.


Car dealers can only be open 1 day over the weekend.


There was an entire Squidbillies episode on that subject.

To quote Early Cuyler, “Inconvenient.”


Blue laws exist because of tradition, which in this case, exists due to religion.


I agree it’s not good law.


Until recently it was illegal to sell a six-pack of beer in Pennsylvania. Beer had to be sold by the case in special beer stores.

You could buy six beers at a restaurant for carryout, but it would typically cost as almost as much as a whole case.


Obviously, the town leaders didn’t drink beer. :wink:


All “blue” laws are dumb.


Motorists take heed: If you ever find yourself driving at night through rural parts of Pennsylvania, state law requires that you stop every mile to send up a rocket signal. It’s true. And if you see a skittish team of horses coming toward you, be sure to take your car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes—unless, of course, you want to be in violation of state law.
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