RICE’S RAGE: Susan Rice Says Trump Threatens American Security More than ‘ANY FOREIGN ADVERSARY’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/rices-rage-susan-rice-says-trump-threatens-american-security-more-than-any-foreign-adversary/

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice slammed President Trump in a fiery op-ed piece published by the New York Times this week; saying the Commander-in-Chief does more to “undermine” American security than any “foreign adversary.”

The former Obama official posted the scathing story Sunday morning; saying “President Trump does more to undermine American national security than any foreign adversary.”

“The president couldn’t care less about facts, intelligence, military analysis or the national interest. He refuses to take seriously the views of his advisers, announces decisions on impulse and disregards the consequences of his actions,” she adds.

The former NSA’s comments come months after she found herself at the center of a growing controversy surrounding the potential “unmasking” of American citizens during foreign intelligence operations.

Read her full story here.

Many fine people agree with her.

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Many fine people disagree with her!!

Wull, Merry Christmas to youuu tooo Miss Former Former Former… do you get it, Miss Former?

Susan Rice is a nut case that needs to be locked up for the good of the country. she calls for revolution and blood in the streets. loonie tunes!!!