Rhashida Tlaib on a hunger strike to shut down ICE

I finally agree with her on something! She should absolutely do this! Stop eating until every ICE agent is put out of work. Please, please, please do it! And no cheating!

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Nice, the Hamas candidate is calling for “her supporters” to starve themselves?
Will Tlaib be skipping a lunch or something?

She was joking.

If true, and since it’s virtually impossible to starve to death in this country, let the dumbass go hungry. :man_shrugging:

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There are some people that are using hunger strike, all these other things, going to the border, and I plan to."

I get it. Funny girl. She should have her own show! :yum:

She does. It’s called Fox N Friends.

No. She’ll be skipping the snack between breakfast and lunch. As she said, the real work must be done outside of congress.

Video cuts off mid sentence. Without the rest of it, it could easily be said she was referencing the going to the border part, not the hunger strike part. But, full statement is needed to know for sure.

Besides, most of the time politicians are all talk and no action, so…

Totally a joke. Lose your sense of humor?

I know right? She loves to joke about ICE. The lady cracks me up! :relaxed:

It’s nowhere near as funny as encouraging a foreign power to interfere in our elections, but hey - no one’s as funny as Donald “giggles” Trump! :rofl::smiley:

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Yep. Somewhere out there is a longer version. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more.

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Tlabia, the halal food denier.

She’ll praise Israel before she misses a meal.

I don’t imagine Stacy Abrams will be joining Tlabia.

You mean fat Stacy?

Rash is going to starve to death if she’s waiting on Congress.

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Rash Tlabia’s clan adores a good martyr

I’ve had middle eastern food. Yum. She’s in for a challenge.