RFK jr still denied Secret Service protection

The Kennedy campaign renewed its demand that the Secret Service protection.

This come after an FBI SWAT team shot and killed a disabled, 75-year-old man in his Utah home after he allegedly posted threats against President Biden. Clearly federal authorities take potential threats to the President Biden very seriously.

Kennedy is convinced that the CIA was involved in the assassination of his father as well as his uncle. Files in both cases remain classified.


Is this the unstated message from official Washington:
Where is another Oswald when we need one?

Is this the likely message from Kennedy to deep-state agencies if he becomes president:

he is not going to get SS protection. period.end of story.


Edward Kennedy got Secret Service protection even before he announced his candidacy.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump got Service protection in 2015, a year before the election.

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I’m sure the government is excited to have someone with a vested interest in releasing the truth (whatever the truth actually might be) becoming president.

I am sure there are people who would love to add another verse to this old classic, especially if Kennedy repeats the success of his father in the primaries.


Wow! This song brought back memories. :heart: Thank you for posting.

zero chance of kennedy winning in 2024.


There was “zero chance” of Trump winning in 2016.

There was “zero chance” of Truman winning in 1948.

A question is how far are the groups who killed Kennedy’s father and his uncle are willing to go to stop him?


The more RFK is dismissed.

The better I like his chances.

Biden won the Dem primary as a kindergartner would agame of musical chairs.

The candidate who has found a cozy home in Right Wing Content Creators circles is not going to win the Democratic nomination lol :rofl::clown_face:

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More accurately RFK Jr is a populist.

He is doing pretty well.

I think he looks good compared to Biden, Newsome, or Harris.

RFK Jr changed his philosophy on border barriers and immigration. He isn’t the only Democrat to do that.

How many? Could make a difference.

Why is he running as democrat? If he is leaning conservative, run as republican. Seems fishy here.

Steve Bannon is funding him.

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A minor side issue unless something happens. If something happens, it becomes a huge issue.

The government should at least release an explanation telling who made the decision and what criteria they used.

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Ben Carson got protection in 2015.

Kennedy’s liberal ideology is close to that of his uncles and his father. They were all leaders in the Democratic Party.

The issue is that the party moved strongly away from traditional liberalism and towards authoritarianism, pro-war, pro-surveillance, abandoning equal rights, support of censorship, crony capitalism, etc.


why…because YOU said so?


Because he IS a Democrat.

Libs here on other hand aren’t.


It’s crazy :rofl:


Why should he? What makes him special?