Rex Tillerson: Kushner cut me, other top diplomats out of the loop in talks with Saudis

I keep asking over and over again why this idiot is still in the WH with high level security clearance.

Tillerson, fired last year by Trump, said he was sometimes caught off guard by Kushner’s talks with foreign counterparts. In one case, Tillerson said he was dining at a restaurant in Washington when the owner of the restaurant told him Mexicos’ foreign minister was seated at another table.

“I walked back. And Mr. Kushner, and I don’t remember who else was at the table, and the Foreign Secretary were at the table having dinner,” Tillerson said. "And I could see the color go out of the face of the Foreign Secretary of Mexico. … I smiled big, and I said: ‘Welcome to Washington.’

The only person that knows what Kushner is doing under the sheets are his wife and fat donald.

Of Kushner’s relationship with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Tillerson said, “I was certainly aware that there was a lot of communication between the two of them. I was aware of occasional trips that had been taken by Mr. Kushner to the Kingdom to visit the Crown Prince.”

Tillerson said Kushner would sometimes organize his travel abroad without consulting the local embassy.

Self-dealing, one-percenters making other one-percenters wealthier, secrecy, lies, corruption, and screw The Forgotten Man.


I wonder how much of a percentage Kushner will be skimming from the top in this deal.

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He’s not involved in anything that doesn’t personally enrich himself.

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I don’t really get the feeling is up to anything bad necessarily.

But I wonder how would conservatives feel if Obama or Clinton were appointing their children or children-in-law to be in charge of major foreign policy decision ?

Well it kinda looks bad when you show up and dont even know someone is in town

The only reason Jared has a clearance is because trump overruled the people who do the vetting.

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I think that if truth be told he has spent quite a bit of time in the WH conducting his personal business.

Trump decided to Make Nepotism Great Again! All praise be unto Donald Trump!

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Seems the family is making more money off Herr Trump’s position as president. And here I thought some conservatives would be against this. Seems I was wrong.

I think Tillerson’s heart is in the right place.

Wasn’t Tillerson the one who called Trump an idiot?

He showed a level of awareness seldom seen in the Trump administration.

I was referring to Mr. Ivanka Trump.