Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President

Pretty much says it all


McRaven needs his revoked. Hoplophobe reprobate.

Let’s take em all!

Is that enough reason to revoke a security clearance?

Flynn should have already had his yanked.

Yes. He’s off active duty. Pull it.

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That can be arranged…and yes Flynn too. And anyone else that doesn’t have a need.

Let’s start one big security clearance revocation party!

Agreed. Let’s get on with it.

Maybe Trump will read this thread…hey its possible

Yeah lets. 100 percent in agreement.

Anybody here know a realiable way to send a msg to Trump?

I’m asking what his status as a “hoplophobe” has to do with it. It seems you think they should all be revoked after active duty ends.

Javanka’s not doing a whole lot. Revoke theirs.

hes a retired navy seal… i doubt hes a so called holophobe…

How about Hillary, John Kerry and Susan Rice…them too?

Or how about Clapper, Strozh and Comey them too?

Fox and friends

The funny thing in all of this is, two years from now Trump could not be the president and a democrat could, and they could give these people their clearances right back. So as usual cry baby Donny didn’t really think this through any longer than a 7 year old would.

And how would it look to American people? That libs are giving their buddies top security clearance.

Maybe it’s you that not thinking this through.


Why is it that important that non-active clearances are revoked? I mean, it’s more of a downside for the government. If any of these people need clearance for a job, instead of their non-active clearance going active, they then have to use government resources to go through the process again. Just seems inefficient for lack of a good reason.