Revealed: Trump Officials Trying to Rig Elections for Whites

Confirmation on what was already suspected and now we have the receipts.

"A secret trove of documents was revealed Thursday showing that the Trump administration added a citizenship question to the 2020 census as part of a right-wing plan to change how voting districts are drawn in the United States—a plan hatched to benefit “non-Hispanic whites.”

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This should be good.

They were saying the quiet parts out loud.

That is their biggest sin.

They cant help it, they have been successful and as a result their hubris has done them in.

The big man-baby that constantly whined about rigged elections actually likes rigged elections when they favor him? You should see my shocked face.


"The man at the center of the revelation is one of those shadowy political operatives who has shaped American politics without most people knowing his name: Thomas Hofeller, who died last summer at age 75.

REDMAP’s efforts were so successful that in 2016, despite winning fewer than half of all votes for the House in 2016, Republicans still held an advantage of 241 to 194"

The dudes daughter came upon these documents and brought them to light.

“Another was a ghostwritten letter, drafted by Hofeller, requesting the citizenship question. This exact language was placed into the Department of Justice request of the Commerce Department that administers the census. That request is at the center of the Supreme Court case.”

Now that’s just crazy


This is an assault to our democracy. When will our citizens stop rewarding them and take a stand?

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Anytime someone says trump isnt a racist we can just link to this. Then just walk away


Oh yeah, this is massive the GOP is losing power due to a demographic change which they cannot control.

So instead of trying to attract more folks to their party they went the other way, find a way to consolidate power and keep it that way.

Wish i could say i am surprised by this…

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I mean there was the audio recording of that GOP dude in PA but this just another thing altogether

Meh trump supporters will never hear about this

Course they won’t, supreme Court however…

And this is the crazy ■■■■■■■ thing.

Instead of fighting against demographic shift, why not come up with policies that shifting demographics will support?

Unless they have already made their ruling. I am not familiar with the workings of the Supreme Court.

Isn’t it obvious? Changing demographics is socialism! (I actually wish I was joking, but i have heard people on the right say this)

They haven’t yet and

"In fact, the purpose of the citizenship question is to redraw congressional districts based on their number of citizens, rather than their total population, "

Gasp…a citizenship question based on the number of citizens.

This is an outrage!


I have zero faith with that

Drawing district lines based on citizens rather than total population is the issue here.

Guess which way is Constitutional, and which is not.