Reuters is pulling for Biden by doing a ad for Biden?

On twitter Reuters has tweeted a video/ad claiming that President Trump has responded to the nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death by focusing on ‘law and order’ and urging a militaristic response.
Which not true at all what Trump had being saying he wanted law and order to be resorted in cities that had hurt and ruined by rioters.

He wanted to send in Fed agents to help out the police who were not doing their jobs and if anything were put on stand down. The ad claims that Joe Biden had resisted activists calls to defund the police?

Then can someone explain why Joe Biden a few months said that he would relocate funding from the police?
To the crazies it doesn’t matter if Joe Biden supports them or doesn’t they wont they would still push for defeunding of police if dems take control of the house even more.


Ok…I’ll play. Grabbing people off the street and throwing them into unmarked vans…What does that sound like to you?

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When the looting starts the shooting starts.

no one is watching the NBA

I’ve only heard of 1 verified instance of this and it was in new york and the woman was wanted in connection with vandalism during a protest.

I’m unsure what you’re outraged about? The ad? Reuters?

There are numerous threads about the rioting. What’s this one about?

That one is a maybe/maybe not . no corroborating evidence, and people lie.
(please see Jussie Smollett for exhibit 1).