Results Matter: PRESIDENT TRUMP Tops Obama in Approval

Trump the Master Persuader is overcoming 90% or more negative media coverage to top Obama in Approval Polls at this stage of his presidency.

He is winning!

The list of his accomplishments is without peer in US history.


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Without peer in us history😄

As in “jury of one’s peers”, compared to other Presidents

Really more then Washington?

The S&P 500 is off 6% and the Dow is off 9% since Trump started embroiling the world in a burgeoning trade war.


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Washington has no peers, the wanted to make him king. He won the war. Very unique circumstances, no other president could hope to match his accomplishments.

So I misspoke, after Washington, Trump’s accomplishments are without peer.

Washington marched on his own veterans to protect Hamilton’s personal wealth.

More then Eisenhower?

It’s all over - put Donald’s pinched face and enormous thumbs on the $5 bill.

Lincoln, you’re so 19th century.

Trade war has been on for 40 years, and until now, we have been losing badly.

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Yes. Only counting what was accomplished “as President”

This would be funnymifmit also wasn’t such a sad and dangerous attitude.

Lincoln didn’t accomplish much at this stage of his Presidency.

It’s truly bigly, isn’t it? I can’t wait for them to tear down the Lincoln memorial and replace it with a statue of Donald’s capable hands.

Actual size, of course. No need to embellish those ginormous paws.

Dangerous is a doublet name trying to make a birdbrain seem like “more”

That’s a good thing don’t you think?

It’s preventing over inflated prices.

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If you don’t have any investments its not a huge deal I suppose.

Would you be more worried about stocks being over inflated…yes or no?

Notice Melania Trump’s smile in agreement.