Rest in Peace, Colin Powell

Colin Powell passed away at the age of 84 from COVID complications.

He spent his life serving his country in multiple administrations, Democratic and Republican alike.

Rest in peace.


I just saw that. RIP and thank you for your service.

One of my favorite generals of all time.

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Yeah, that’s a bummer. He made some mistakes to be sure, but on the whole, a stellar career of public service. RIP.

Rest In Peace, Sir

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Powell had multiple myeloma, according to NBC News. It is a type of blood cancer that hurts the body’s ability to fight infections.

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Rest In Peace and thanks for your service :us:

Here it is:

The man had Parkinsons. His wife got breakthrough infections, but her condition has improved.

He was 84 and lived an honorable life. Rest In Peace.

And cancer.

Rest In Peace General.

Rest In Peace

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I have no words.

A true man of honor is gone.

Rest in Peace.


Rest in peace General.
A smart man who took on serious work and did it well.
A honorable man who admitted his mistakes. And did not tout his accomplishments.
Thank you for your service to our country.


Today, we truly need more like General Powell.



Colin Powell was the Joint Chief of Staff during my service in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I remember at the time feeling good about our leadership especially with Colin Powell there.


He always seemed like a good guy to me.


I remember watching the briefs by Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf back then. And my first thought was that the Iraq army didn’t stand a chance. Thank you for your service.

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A good man with a life well lived