Responses to the Rittenhouse verdict

Here are four likely responses to today’s verdict.

  1. Clamp down further on social media: Social media allowed sharing of information that documented the lies and misinformation coming from the corporate media. An obvious solution is to censor opposing viewpoints to protect the official narrative.
  1. More Antifa attacks against independent journalists: The video provided by independent journalists was critical to Rittenhouse’s defense which is a great embarrassment to Antifa and its supporters. The obvious solution is to attack journalists and destroy evidence.
    Little Outcry as Antifa Attacks Journalists of Left and Right | RealClearPolitics

  2. DOJ investigation against Rittenhouse: Rep. Nadler has called for the DOJ to investigate possible charges against Rittenhouse, but there appears to be no obvious violations of federal statutes.

  1. Civil lawsuits: Expect a barrage of lawsuits from Rittenhouse and his attackers. One has already been filed:

Rittenhouse could file several of his own:

Are there other possibilities that I missed?

It looks like lawyers could be making lots of money.


the leftist orgs flush with leftist sociopathic billionaire cash filing suits could be a problem

they hate when the law and judicial system gets in their way


Yes, and expect more hearings from congressional Democrats to force greater censorship.

Inconvenient truth must be crushed.


They’re taking to the streets in Brooklyn NY over a trial in Wisconsin.
LOL, do these morons even know where Wisconsin is??
That said, with all the legal wrangling on the horizon, Kyle Rittenhouse can not only become very wealthy from the long list of potential defamation lawsuits already available to him, he could be getting an education in the law and quite possibly become a celebrity lawyer!


I expect that the CIA/FBI will send out word to the corporate media to tone down the rhetoric.

They don’t what their puppet in the White House to have to deal with riots like we saw when Trump was president.

Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz filing suits. What nonsense. Rosenbaum was a child molester with no value. We have all seen the pictures of him chasing Kyle instead of the other way around. Grosskreutz was actually the vigilante, at best. There is the picture of him being shot just as he points his pistol toward Kyle’s head.


Yes, expect countersuits from Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz is reportedly an ACLU observer. If that proves true, the ACLU could be sued as well.

CIA and FBI control the media and run the White House. Okay.

Sue ‘em all kid. Get yourself a team of high dollar litigators and make ‘em pay! There’s plenty of dough to go around.


Biden has obvious physical and mental impairment. His handlers are constantly “correcting” and “clarifying”. Today was no exception.

Of course he has handlers; he’s the President. Are they the FBI/CIA? And what is your objection to those quotes?

Politicians and the media move on to the next money maker.

The FBI/CIA clearly give orders to the corporate media. 50 former intel officials falsely labeled the Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation” and the media complied immediately without even investigating.

My opinion is there is every reason to assume they have been dictating the Rittenhouse narrative.

As far as exactly who controls Biden, that is somewhat less clear. Biden’s campaign was magically rescued when the most of the other Democratic candidates were forced out right before the massive COVID lockdowns. Clearly there were powerful forces acting behind the scenes to give Biden the nomination.

Biden’s main attributes are that he is a pathological liar and has a history of dubious connections to foreign money. He can be removed at anytime if the corporate media turns on him, which means that the FBI/CIA appear to have the ultimate control.

The FBI/CIA and corporate media can force POTUS out of the White House but not conjure a desired verdict in Rittenhouse trial?

what a fricken waste. he sends the message that he distrusts the judicial system

funny no blowback for that from lord media.


Looking for a quote from Biden he doesn’t trust justice system. From quotes above he trusts the system but doesn’t agree with the outcome.

The lawsuits and possible criminal investigations should keep this story in the news.

Of course, there could be a gag order coming from the intel community. The Biden laptop showed that approach can be incredibly effective at killing a story if it becomes too embarrassing.

thats not the message i get

People are building out un shut downable internet as fast as possible. Here’s a new one.

some leftists pathology here