Response to COVID 19 Has Done Other Patients Harm

Here is one result of reassigning public health doctors to COVID 19 response and limiting services to other patients early in the pandemic.

What normally is tested for in pregnancy in some cases was not, or positive women didn’t get treatment before the birth of the babies, leading to infected babies and infant deaths.

Patients with other conditions, IMO, have been ignored in focusing all attention on COVID 19 prevention and testing. Sick babies born to high risk for poor outcome mothers will be paying the highest price.

This is one of the sad realities of having to deal with a pandemic, and one of the reasons that doctors have been suggesting more drastic measures to deal with COVID. When you have a massive pandemic like this, it affects the entire healthcare system as it overloads hospitals and other medical resources


This is why it’s so important to take actions to reduce the spread of the virus so that hospitals don’t become overwhelmed.

130,000 more Americans are projected to die from covid19 before December. It’s so sad.


Covid is now the third leading cause of death in America. Of course it’s going to get lots of attention. But it didn’t have to be this way. But sadly it is. Sometimes people act like they forget that this is a brand new virus new information is being learned every single day about it.

So to Hell with everyone else who needs care?

Patients have, IMO, been harmed being told to put off care.

In the case of prenatal care, babies often of African & Hispanic heritage are harmed the most by physicians who could easily treat an STD with penicillin being diverted to COVID-19 care, whose mortalities tend to be the same who would have poor outcomes from the flu.

BLM is more interested in adult suspect lives, so the attitude seems to be to Hell with new life.

Good comments. I hope you write letters to your local newspapers detailing this issue, since the people who need to know this are not reading this message board.

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What are you going to do? You have people who get covid and need to go into the hospital and that affects capacity. This is something the let’s-just-let-everyone-get-it-and establish-herd-immunity-only-a-few-hundred-thousand-people-will-die adherents fail to take into account.

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So let the babies die from mom or dad’s contracting an STD, but one that’s easily treatable, while prioritizing those who would be the highest risk for poor outcome from the flu.

Got it :roll_eyes:

Oh, most who test positive for COVID 19 aren’t hospitalized. Even most ICU beds in Texas are not occupied by patients with COVID 19:

Testing positive often doesn’t mean even showing any symptoms, much less going into hospital.

Patients with treatable problems will suffer the most from hysteria generated by this new virus. Heck, my husband can’t even get a call back regarding problems with diabetes or hypothyroid medications.

The recorded “for the safety of our patients” thus becomes very hypocritical. Either that, or it’s OK to die from tertiary syphilis, or diabetes complications or an unchecked thyroid, but not COVID 19. What a sense of priorities!

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Too bad Trump didn’t support the plan his task force tried to initiate. Even now a simple solution like mask wearing has become fodder for partisan bickering. This was no wartime president and everybody is paying for it.