Resolution Filed To Expel Schiff From Congress

Not sure how successful a Floor Vote would be I hope Schiffty in addition to getting the boot is forced to refund the taxpayers the millions of dollars spent on his politically motivated lies.


He would just be replaced by some other lefty. Pelosi started this type of power play by removing Republicans she didn’t like from committees. Not a good idea to extend this further.


He and Schumer have to be the scummiest in congress.

Schiffty and his rigged Intel committee dragged the country through an ordeal based on false information, hopes, lies and bull ■■■■■ The “evidence” he repeatedly claimed to have was politically motivated conjured up nothing with no objective other than to write Articles of Impeachment and slow walk them in that clown parade to Senate chambers.
The whole Schiff show ran up a multimillion dollar tab at the expense of the taxpayers. The â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  owes us and he should be made to pay.
Nadler is another oaf that should be shown the door. His committee wasted taxpayer dollars as well with their rigged non judiciary proceedings as well.
They let their TDS drive abuses of power. They should be held accountable.


This is a legitimate reason to seek his removal from Congress.

It is a just action even if the votes fall short.

Schiff lied for political and election fraud motives and should at least be fired.

Let his constituents find another representative that won’t lie so odiously.

Performative nonsense. Kabuki.

Anything to keep from addressing The People’s problems.

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Proverbially burn the DNC to the ground. Do to them 10 times what they have done. They are the enemies of the people, the nation and of its Constitution.

The federal government’s only job is to obey the Law that permits it to exist, not to take care of the people’s problems.

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I think the Wu man knows this and was being a wiseacre.

Not at all.

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It was the FBI that colluded with Russian to interfere in the elections… Not Trump.


Record corrected!!


The first part sure.

The peoples problems? Nobody cares there either. They make problems for fun and sport.

Just referee…legislate.

Like raiding the SS & Medicare Trust Funds? The Dims and their spending parties will be shouting from the rooftops.those exact words when both Social Security and Medicare become insolvent in 10-12 years.
And it’s not like they weren’t warned it could happen…


There never were trust funds. Everything was spent. They try to claim they can own the bond and owe it too … keep double books, something they would jail you or I if we tried it.

The scam was an original feature from FDR on.

It’s a pyramid scheme.

Nothing stupid about this.

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Adam Schiff is disgusting…

He lied his way all the way thru the trump collusion lie.

The country would be better off if he had a job that required memorizing the menu and the words “did you want fries with that”…

Sadly I doubt they’ll be able to remove that scum from congress…but maybe I’m wrong.

Knowingly lied.

As did Pelosi and so many others.

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Schiff Pelosi and so many more…