Resistance warriors & France’s Culture Minister Defend Movie Cuties

Not surprising that on twitter far left liberals with the hashtag BLM, Resist are actually defending the movie Cuties a far leftist France’s Culture Minister has now come out in support and to defend the Movie Cuties by claiming that images had being taken out of context yet fails to explain why its ok for little children of 11 year olds to be preforming twerking.

Makes you wonder how many of those “Resists” are weirdos by defending such a movie.

France’s Culture Minister defends controversial Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ after it was accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls - and says criticism is based on ‘reductive’ images that have been ‘taken out of context’

The minster thinks the problem with the movie is with the images and posters yet i doubt they had seen it.

Did you watch it?


Did you? i dont own netflix anymore

I’m not playing this silly coy game. Good luck with your triggered outrage.

Are you actually defending this weird movie? again i am no fan of cancel culture and outrage but you have to agree that what they were doing with the movie is wrong. And how they portrayed the message of whatever they were trying to push.

They should have not called the movie cuties if they were pushing a movie agaisnt twerking.

How do you know? Have you seen the movie?

This was a controversy that Netflix purposely created. Had they not released the U.S. poster that they did, nobody would have noticed this flick.


Capitalism loves a good controversy.

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No images are taken out of context. The images are what they are.

If I ever caught my kid doing something like that, they’d have no phone, no computer and would be grounded for a month.

Wut, there is a story line?

The problem is not the poster but the movie itself. If this was a movie agaisnt twerking. It should have being renamed but the movie seems to be pro twerking then a movie agaisnt it. Or some claim mocking it.

Exactly, no one cared outside of people into outrage culture.


What did it gain them. A lot of people cancelled their subscriptions.

Pretty sure i had seen clips of the movie and this movie seems pro twerking i kind get the outrage. If this movie was mocking or if the message was agaisnt twerking why they did make it so that these kids were enjoying the dance in some of the clips?

How do you know this? Have you seen the movie?

Little kids and actors/actress dont know this kind of sexualized dance since what they is just read the script and follow it.

So you are ok with sexualizing stuff in movies now? i had seen enough clips to see it and judge it. Because i am not ok with this kind of stuff in movies.

With 11 year olds actress/actors. They wont stop at this movie. If people dont make nose agaisnt this stuff they will push with similar movies sadly.

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Knock off the personal crap.

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You can put me down for understanding how marketing works, even when it backfires. I never once stated an endorsement of the content. I’ll disregard the character attack.