RESISTANCE CRUMBLES: Another ‘Never Nancy’ Democrat Caves, May Support Pelosi

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Another ‘Never Nancy’ Democrat who signed the anti-Pelosi petition signaled he may -in fact- vote for the liberal leader as Speaker of the House; another sign the California Congresswoman will likely be ushered into power within days.

Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts back-tracked in a recent interview when asked on how he intends to vote when the leadership role is called-into question by the end of the week.

“Why aren’t you going to vote for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker?” asked the host.

“If it becomes as a choice between a Republican and Nancy Pelosi, I’ll obviously support Nancy Pelosi,” Lynch replied.

“But I do think we risk losing the majority in the House — we risk having [President Donald] Trump elected for another four years — if the Democrats don’t offer a new direction in the Democratic Party,” Lynch warned.

Progressive lawmakers will hold a private meeting towards the end of the week to officially nominate a legislator to lead the House when Democrats retake control of Congress in January.

h/t Daily Caller

Just as good sheep they are…they always come back to the flock. :wink: