Repulican congressional commitee mocks democratic for getting marriage counselling

once again the GOP is reaching into the gutter.

a congressmans wife supported Beto o’rourkes call for impeachment.
her husband is one of the few dem congressmen who havent signed onto impeachment yet
so what does the national republican congressional committee tweet out?

“Looks like Mrs. Cunningham likes a man who supports baseless impeachment … wonder if this will come up in @RepCunningham‘s marriage counseling?”

what the hell is wrong with them?

Well obviously it’s because she wasn’t in the kitchen making his pancakes and coffee…

I wonder if anyone ever hoped for the trumps to split up??

I’m gonna have to look that up.

Seriously though, you’re either with us or against us.

Even more seriously, why do the cunninghams want taxpayers funding their marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling? Pfft. That’s not The New Republican way. Just cheat on her. Dump her. And marry a younger foreign nude model.


A lot.

Beginning with many of them having a lack of basic descent humanity.

A younger foreign communist nude and lesbian nude model.

MAGA :ru:

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Should ask Marla maples that one


Or a chubby intern.

Still married.

Utterly surprising to see such horrid behavior, esp. given the class act that leads the GOP at present.


Or wait until she gets cancer, then cheat on her and dump her while she’s still suffering.


Trumps already split up. Twice. And will again. But that has no bearing on calling someone out for getting counseling. Maybe trump should have considered doing the same.

nah he just prefers NDA’s otherwise the counselor would find out about all of his nasty habbits…

Or dump her and your kids for a Fox News host.


i expect melania to dump him as soon as he is out of office and goes BK

john edwards?

Or dump your wife and kids for your brother’s widow.

And then dump her for a woman you just met, get married and get another woman pregnant.

He needs an intervention.