Republicans will be hunted

It looks like Biden’s rants about MAGA Republicans being dangerous extremists who are enemies of democracy has had its desired effect:

Forty-one-year-old Shannon Brandt said he was afraid 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson was “part of a Republican extremist group and that he was afraid they were ‘coming to get him.’” . . . After visiting the scene where the incident happened, deputies went to Brandt’s house in Glenfield, ND, which is about 12 minutes from the crash scene. Brandt admitted to consuming alcohol before the incident, and stated he hit Ellingson with his car because he had a political argument with him.
Nolte: Man Admits to Killing Teen He Claimed Was 'Republican Extremist'

Should Biden invite the alleged killer to the White House to receive a medal for courageously defending democracy?

Scott Adams was ridiculed when he said that Republicans would be hunted. Has his prediction come true?

Nut jobs all over


Yes, the one in the White House is especially dangerous.


Killing for political reasons is the definition of terrorist, right?


Yes it would be terrorism.

The exception is if the government approves of the killing. Then it is tyranny.


the left and media are really pushing the “republicans as terrorists” narrative for the idiots.

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Yes, can they face lawsuits for inciting violence against Republicans?

The White House as excluded Orthodox Jews from a hate crimes summit since they typically vote Republican. Is that a violation of laws guaranteeing equal protection based on religion/ethnic background?


getting closer and closer to making support for trump a crime


Yes. Biden’s bold plan is to “save democracy” by imposing a fascist one-party police state.

The jackals in the state-controlled corporate media are already cheering.


i dont know whats going to happen but they got their hands full with desantis and trump.

get ready for some crazy ■■■■ from dems. mark my words (crazier i should say)

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No, they didn’t. They excluded Duvi Honig from the event - but there were plenty of other Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews there.

You’re going to do the hunting?


Nah. That’s what the ACA and IRS armies are for.

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I don’t know man even their women have all their teeth

Last thing one would hear is a gunshot and lynyrd skynyrd being blasted as they drive off


I didn’t think so.

Glad at least one lib admits it.

Growing up in Pa…we use to drive around with sandbags on top of the truck roof while in the back looking for chucks. When we spot one we would start backing up. :wink:

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Clean kill they would never hear that shot. :wink:

Over 70% of Democrats believe that MAGA Republicans are dangerous but so far only Shannon Brandt has taken the logical next step to eliminate the threat. Will Biden offer bounties to encourage more Democrats to follow Brandt’s lead?

Fortunately for Biden and his allies, Republicans are not a protected group according to Twitter. Glorying or encouraging anti-Republican violence is perfectly okay. Just don’t use the wrong pronoun.

Glorifying violent acts could inspire others to take part in similar acts of violence. Additionally, glorifying violent events where people were targeted on the basis of their protected characteristics (including: race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease) could incite or lead to further violence motivated by hatred and intolerance. For these reasons, we have a policy against content that glorifies acts of violence in a way that may inspire others to replicate those violent acts and cause real offline harm, or events where members of a protected group were the primary targets or victims.
Our policy on glorification of violence | Twitter Help



This is the flip side of the incident at Charlottesville Virginia where a right wing extremist ran down someone in a politically motivated crowd. That incident remained in the front page of national media, off and on, for months.
Chances this incident will receive the same media treatment? Other than at the Grand Forks Herald, I mean.

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