Republicans Want Pelosi to Abandon Republican Mode of Governing

Interesting quandary.

Prior to the last Republican take-over the House of Representatives one in six votes on amendments were passed by bi-partisan majorities. Since the Tea Party triumph on 2010, that number has fallen to one in twenty.

Now that the Democrats are back in power, some Republicans are urging Speaker Pelosi to return to a more bi-partisan mode, with the impact that bills coming out of the house would be more reflective of right-wing wishes.

What say you? Should Pelosi mimic the behavior of her Republican predecessors or do you abandoning Republican style would be better?

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Compromise is the foundation of our system, everyone should want that.

That graph is damning to the Republicans who claim that Democrats don’t like to compromise.

Look at Paul Ryan’s bipartisanship votes compared to Pelosi’s and wonder why Democrats should give a ■■■■ what Republicans want.


thats a picture even trumpist can understand

They can understand the fake news liberal media put out a fake chart that says who knows what.


One sign that someone is no conservative is when they flee taking responsibility by running around shouting “fake news”. These data show the behavior of Republican leadership. Say there were wrong, say they were right, but don’t say that it did not happen.

If you have the data to contradict what was provided show it to the group. The facts stand for themselves.

I’m going with no, she shouldn’t. Voters didn’t give them back the house so crap Republicans want could land on Donnie’s desk. Plus, I like when nothing gets done.

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Eh, Trump will sign anything that has a hint of populism, and she should take advantage of that to actually get congress moving again.

The wall and some issues are different, of course.

Lol. No they can’t. They should. But no.

No, they can’t.

That wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Hillary. Or Obama. Or Seth Rich.

Reps proposed wall for daca and she refused.

But, sure I can’t wait to see what she proposes…

As for the OP, I’m torn. The GOP has been the very antithesis to bipartisanship and working together for the betterment of all of America. And part of me believes they should be shunned as a result of their horrific behavior.

Another part of me believes in bipartisanship as a necessity for good governance.

Does anyone really believe that if the GOP ever reclaims Power in the House that they would continue anything other than a complete and total lack of bipartisanship?

Actually Lindsay Graham just made that offer and Mr. Trump shot it down. Lol

Stop spreading fake news.

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Trump shot that down a year ago. You’re making things up.

Can’t wait to see what dems propose…

Oh, look dems all have the same talking point again. LMAO!

They’ve already proposed it. And it was unanimously approved in bipartisan fashion in the Senate. Lol

What are you waiting for. They’ve been saying for two weeks. Do you ever actually look at news?

Separate funding the government – which everyone agrees on – from funding the wall, which is a separate and controversial matter. Return to the bill passed by Senate 100-0 three weeks ago. Stop holding the country hostage to Donald Trump’'s useless vanity project.


So, what do you want Nancy to propose for bipartisan consideration?