Republicans: Sometimes you just need to be smart enough to ask questions

So far they have not been smart enough. When Barr quit he said that he saw no reason to appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case. The people currently on the case have everything under control. That’s all well and good if you assume that Biden won’t tinker with it. But why would anyone be stupid enough to assume that? So what to do? The answer is soooo simple that only a politician is to stupid to think of it.


Duh. " Mr. Biden. When you take office:

  1. Will you be leaving the current team intact to finish the job?
  2. Will you be ending the investigation?
  3. Will you be replacing the current team with your own team?

If the answer is 1, no special counsel is needed. If the answer is 2, 3 or no answer is given, then a special counsel is definitely needed. Simply making an assumption that Biden will be fair is bat ■■■■ crazy. He has already lied about it. Just ask the freaking question. Get him to commit.

Normal Democratic Presidents like Biden don’t think of the DoJ as their own personal legal team and won’t interfere with any investigations. For Biden to do so would be swerving way out of his lane. Maybe people think it’s normal that the current President is always politicizing the DoJ but that’s now how Democrats roll. In light of that the questions are silly but go nuts. I just always get a kick out of people who think they’ve always got the solution that the people with expertise have missed. If they just ask THIS or if they just did THAT…


Then what’s the harm in asking him? Is there a downside?

It’s all been investigated and debunked.

Just ask the CALLMO


As I said, go nuts.

Dude. Simma down. It ain’t nuts. It’s just a simple question.

What makes you think asking the right question gets you the right answers?

C’mon man, you a one horse pony or something?


What…you know the thing.

Except for holder obama’s wing man.

End the investigation. We have more important things to deal with - covid, Russia, China. If gop wants to open investigation, fine. Biden should ignore the subpoena and claim executive privilege. Tell the new head of doj and fbi to halt any investigation.

That’s not what I said. I said that if we get the wrong answers we need a special counsel. I gave three options. Of course he could lie and pledge not to interfere and then interfere anyway. But that wouldn’t play well.

Is there a downside to asking?

Shut up man…

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No we don’t. The FBI does not have more important things to do. Investigating federal crime is literally their only job. The FBI doesn’t do Covid.

Eric Holder who proclaimed he was Obama’s “Wingman” and that he “Has his back”.


Yep. Maybe somebody tried to ask him what he wants to do with the Hunter investigation. So he shot down the Zoom chat.