Republicans need to create a new "Facebook"

Republicans need to create a new “Facebook” and “Google”. Or start using Duck Duck Go instead of Google. Also, Republicans need to get companies to use conservative messaging on commercials instead of extreme liberal messages. Not just religious in tone, but about traditional family units and values… respecting traditional male, female roles or more progressive roles as well. Show respect for both men and women and quit making men look stupid in commercials. Show men opening doors for women, showing respect for elders, show kids studying and valuing education. Republicans have so much to offer, yet we stand by and let Democrats determine our nation’s values. Republicans need to work with more advertisers, more musicians, more actors, show up in more commercials, recruit more conservative teachers. Get out there! Save America!

Have you checked out


Thank you so much. I’ll join right now! I appreciate your feedback.

Of course. Hopefully you’ll find a home there.

And here! We need more free thinking individuals around these parts.


You’re just the best.

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Maybe a show about a guy who spends his life cheating on his wives and then dumps the wives for newer models. Maybe he porks porn stars while the most recent wife is home with his newborn baby. Then this winner decides to run for public office and has his son from the first wife mop up the porn star slop from the third wife. So gross, what a family dynamic there, lol. Then this piece of garbage becomes Republican Darling. That would be a great Republican TV show. Just like The Kardashians. Great idea!

Texas approved!


I am going on go daddy am registering the following social media sites


If you throw in a healthy dose of attacking the left, and a laugh track, you’d have something that could be pitched to Netflix.

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We all need to move to this when it’s up and going. It’s in the early stages but looks promising.

I’ved used Graphite Docs.

Not too bad.

I love it when someone talks about family values, law and order and reducing the debt. Then ends with “Trump is cool”.

Where ya been? Republicans have become the party of Trump who is the antithesis of all those things.

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Why? Facebook is a right-wing hellhole.

A bunch of grandpas and grandmas talking about Q.

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What - you don’t think bragging about grabbing women by the ■■■■■ shows respect to women?

I can’t imagine why…

That new approach from Berners-Lee is really interesting.

Family values voters LOL!

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There is absolutely nothing about the GOP that represents family values in any sort of way. That ship sailed long ago and Trump solidified it. Time to stop riding that nonsense.

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Yeah “family values” has been a dog whistle for decades but Trump took a big squat on that lie. Enjoy.

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It’s almost as if it was all ■■■■■■■■.

It’s better to have values and fail to live up to them to have none to begin with.