Republicans love Rod Rosenstein

My, how things have changed…

Impeach him now!!!
You know, because he just keeps doing his job.

Why wouldn’t they, he is a Washington establishmentarian club member, like them. He’s spent his entire career as a government bureaucrat.

Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstein. I tried warning everyone he’s a weasel.

And now he’s mocking congress and their authority of over site.

Now Trump needs to order the release everything that CoJ (Corruption of Justice) and FBI.

Everything…going back since the beginning of time.

You really are sold on the CEC version of all of this. And I think you are going to be surprised when you learn that all of the posturing that the freedom caucus is doing is just hollow and has no basis in law.
Rosenstein knows that he has the law on his side as long as he follows procedure. And so far it is clear that there are those on the hill are just trying to sway public opinion by lying about what his responsibilities are to congress. This is not about oversight. This is about trying to derail a legal investigation. These Republicans are finally starting to realize that the president has probably acted in certainly an unethical and possibility illegal manner. And now they are starting to go panic mode. This is going to be fun to watch. And to most Americans, their continued attempts to discredit all of this is going to backfire bigley on them.


Then you should have no problem then of CoJ and FBi be forces to unload all documents then.

I want all of em…going back to very beginning of time. Everything. Let it all out un-redacted.

Good luck with that. Trump won’t even release the Kennedy papers he promised to release. (Another lie.)

Releases like this are likely to hinder ongoing investigations.

Which seems to be the whole point. To protect Trump.

Why is the Department of Justice the Corruption of Justice under Republican Sessions??

They were always Corrupt…specially when Holder was at the helm.

You think they have your best interest in mind?

For the most part I think they’re overwhelmingly staffed with talented and dedicated individuals. Not everyone is a good egg. Not everyone makes the right call 100% of the time.

Meh. Before Trump won the election, Comey was a great guy.

When Mueller was assigned, great guy.

Now Rosenstein.

All great guys at one time according to the Rs. All now bad hombres because…well, no other reason than they aren’t Trump sycophants.

Ah there it is…the victimness…if it was Trump or something you would be posting about how he was really sticking it to those filthy elitists or whatever…

It gets really boring having figured you out.

Speaking of one trick pony.

Close. The second they represent any treat to Trump, then they’re corrupt scum.

Because that idiot Sessions tied his hands in so many ways, after he recused himself, and now he sits back and watches Rosestein run that part of the DOJ. Sessions should have never accepted the position of AG if he even thought he might recuse himself.

He allowed himself to be con right out of a job. Trump should just fire him and be done with it

Even if senate doesn’t allow another AG it’s no big deal. Trump doesn’t have one now.

Before Trump was elected many Democrats and Republicans wanted Comey fired.

Indeed. Many of Comey ass kissers now were advocating it on other forum.

Trump is simply trying to stay ahead of the game. It’s like watching a Ponzi scheme guy making a bunch of phone calls.