Republicans Chicken Out on Election Challenge, Abandoning Their Base AGAIN

Maybe it’s time for a third party? They are USING the violence of today as an excuse to go along with the democrats, AGAIN.

They don’t have a real commitment to stopping election corruption, & so now we will have socialism & dictatorship because of these cowards.

The swamp betrays us AGAIN.

Then they wonder why people resort to violence? They will cause more if millions believe their voice isn’t heard & their vote does not count.

Now a thief & a poser will be President in place of the rightful winner, & the swamp will get to keep their piggy bank.

This will lead to much more violence, division, & chaos.

Great job cowards!

Maybe they’ve decided that the people who spent the day terrorizing them aren’t on their side.


Good luck with that

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Just an excuse to chicken out & AGAIN go along with democrats betraying their base.

Only the captain is supposed to go down with the ship.

“The base” that they’ve spent the day on the run from?

This wasn’t thought out well.

They think this will all go away? They have magnified it.

People who think they was cheated, & not even allowed by one court to even hear their evidence won’t suddenly just let it go.

It will be more division & violence from here on out. Enjoy your creation.

©You want to overturn an election because of fraud then try actually producing the ■■■■■■■ evidence


They think they were cheated because they were told they were cheated. It’s not actually the same thing as being cheated.

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We are already more divided than any time since the civil war & now it’s placing in the hearts of those disenfranchised a rancor that will only fester from now on.


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There was no ■■■■■■■ evidence. 62 court cases and zero evidence was presented by the plaintiffs

Like I already said, no court ALLOWED evidence to be presented, or would hear the case, even though hundreds of witnesses are willing to testify.

Who cares what the sore losers want. They don’t even have a party anymore according to the OP

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Meh, after the freak outs over two weeks of not being able to get cappuccinos and what Meal Team Six has looked like in street action, I’m starting to think this decade of tough talk about surviving deprivation and being the superior fighters might be nonsense.

This has gone over 1000 times, to the point where the desperate trumpsters tried a coup today and failed.

Thanks for finally unifying the country against the extremists.


Good luck with that, this is only the beginning because 62 times courts did not ALLOW evidence to be presented.

You on the left say no justice no peace? Well, that’s what you will get back on you.

Fraud wasn’t even alleged in the court cases. If you’re pissed at anytime should be Trump for hiring the most incompetent lawyers possible

Dc flights are still cheap you know.

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Sorry but that isn’t what happened. Sworn affidavits were presented to multiple courts. And when multiple Judge’s asked for the corroborating evidence the Lawyers had to say that there wasn’t any.
And why did they do that? Because if they lied about there being evidence they would lose their law license and probably be fined by the state bar association. It wasn’t that no evidence was presented, it was because there was no evidence.

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No, the coup is what the democrats have done the last 4 years, & now steal the election. This is not going away.