Republicans against Trump

I am a Republican who voted for Trump, and then regretted it.

Are there any other Republicans out there who also have discovered Trump is not who they imagined he would be?

There are more than just me, Guv. (Directed at the guy who inspired the creation of this thread.)

Now, to other comments of Guv’s about my Republicanism and being against Trump

  1. Of course it is. Scouring through line items to find “one contradiction of Trump’s “at cost” claim” is abject desperation.

This is what I don’t understand about my fellow Republicans.

  1. You are not a fellow Republican – no matter how many times you pretend to cast yourself as such. Your posting history betrays your assertion.
  1. Through a TDS filter, sure it looks that way. You need to get that checked.
  1. Nowhere. Never. Ever. Never have I said that. Nor implied it. Nor even addressed it.

You flat out made that up.

  1. Man, just stick to libbing. You are far more in your element when you do.
  1. Not “scouring”. Reading through articles with a discerning eye - discerning for all facts.

You should try it.

  1. Please share some of my posts that indicate I’m Liberal.

  2. TDS-proTrump or TDS-anti-TRump? TDS works both ways as you and others like you clearly can’t see the criminal and incompetent stuff he does on a daily basis.

  3. If you didn’t vote for Trump because you thought he was a great businessman who could bring those skills and expertise to governing the country, why did you vote for him?

Do you agree he’s a lousy businessman and a worse diplomat?

  1. What is “libbing?”

I spoke earlier of not having a sense of “desperation” when pointing out Trump’s criminal, anti-ethical, childish acts.

I do have a sense of bafflement.

Those criminal, anti-ethical, childish acts are present for everyone to see.

Do you see them and think they are all made up by “fake news” or do you see them and just don’t care?

Cases in point

  1. the betrayal of the Kurds. I think that was criminal. I think it was Ben Natuf (I"m bad with screen names) who said it was a brilliant move. What do you, Guv, think it was?

  2. his treatment of women - from having an affair while his wife was pregnant to grabbing a piece of …not sure if the filter will catch that so I won’t say it. Did all the women make all that up?

  3. His incessant, insulting tweets whining about how “picked on” he is, the worst of any president ever. As if Obama wasn’t excoriated day in and day out by right wing media, but did he whine about it? No he didn’t, because if he had done so Rush, et al would have been talking about how sensitive he was every day. There was the one thing about his ears, early on, and that was it. Contrasted to Trump.

  4. Obama. If the old boards were still around you’d find I’d criticized Obama often - the “arrogance” of the IPod gift and the incompetence of the DVDs that wouldn’t play on British dvd players. I thought nothing could be more arrogant in a President than that…until Trump proved me wrong.

But Obama’s arrogant and Trump…he’s just a maverick who doesn’t take any guff! Hypocrisy!

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I thought he’d be my personal suppository in the anus of the U.S. known as DC but…he turned out to be better than I ever expected so that this time around, I’m voting for him because he’s the best candidate currently running.


Cases in point 1 through 4. Will you address those, please?

What are you expecting Joe to do that you will approve of? Is opening the borders one of them? What about his judicial appointments?

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Best president since Reagan. He has about a 95 percent approval among the GOP. Perhaps the 5 percent should exam themselves.

Mitt Romney republicans?


I voted for Kasich in the primary. The worst vote I ever made. Thank God I lost. :pray:


I doubt joe would do much of anything a person truly republican would like.

Nothing. I will not vote for a Democrat.

Will you address Cases in point 1 through 4, please?

From a Gallup poll that talked to 1033 people.

Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Jan. 16-29, 2020, with a random sample of 1,033 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia

When a Gallup poll talks to 10,000 Republicans and gets the same percentage, I might give it some weight.

1,033 people?


I never even considered Kasich. Too far left to suit me.

You should do some research on polling theory. 1000 people is considered fairly accurate in a well conducted poll. There is a lot of data to back it up.

Well conducted being the catch phrase of course…

I did my homework the first time he tried running as an Independent and new he would not be the candidate for me.

Can’t say I’m surprised. There are many of us who are former Republicans due to Trump - so, I would expect those who remained within that cesspool to be largely Trump supporters.


Trump has 95% support among Republicans. That’s the highest it’s been for Republican Presidents, even Reagan. So there are 5% of Republicans against Trump. We all know how well Reagan is regarded now among Republicans, but back then there were even more Republicans against Reagan than Trump now.

Some antiTrump Republicans have admitted they will vote for the Democratic candidate. However, I must say I find it hard to believe a conservative Republican would vote for either Sanders or Biden. Most likely they will just stay home.

Philly Guy

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Make way for all the “Republicans” who want you to vote against Trump this year.

They’re genuine. Just ask them. :roll_eyes:


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I’m sorry you feel that way my friend and I really do understand your pain because you…are where I was…in 1986. I gave up on politics and for the most part, still do. You show me a politician who is honest and I’ll show you one who is ineffective and won’t be reelected. How our country has allowed our political system to develop into the corrupt system that it is, is shameful but…looking around the globe, it’s still the best one.

If…I’m to fine contentment, it’s in my personal and professional life. I’ll NEVER find it, in politics.


Kasich got himself a lot of free face time on FOX. Then he became a candidate and went off the left wing cliff. Obscurity is a lonely place.

For starters, he’ll act like a civilized, educated, circumspect person.

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My vote for President Trump was a never Hillary/never 3rd Party vote but as a conservative/libertarian patriot I could not be happier with the great job he is doing and can’t wait to vote for him again! MAGA-KAG! :us: