Republican Voter Supression Efforts

Trumpsters hate democracy and love authoritarians. It’s amazing how people who scream about loving America the most sure do love to gut her core.

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Guess what the media and Vote Latino didn’t tell you about Doge City Kansas.


We are very proud of our small but growing diverse community. Our citizens are engaged in all facets of our community including commerce, education, recreation, and politics. With that being said, our citizen’s accessibility to exercising their most fundamental right of voting is our utmost concern. So when the Ford County Clerk sent notification of the temporary relocation of the election site due to potential construction at the existing election location at the Civic Center, we agreed to provide assistance by providing a ride door to door via public transportation to anyone who might not have transportation to the new site.

However, we continued to receive inquiries and statements implying that our community voters are being suppressed. It is not our place to agree or disagree, however, we feel it is necessary to share the facts and what we are doing to assist our citizens:

City of Dodge City – Public Transportation is offering free door to door rides to and from the polling location on Election Day to those that call and schedule a pickup. Those wishing to utilize the free transportation will need to call and schedule with Dodge City Public Transportation at 620-371-3879
The Ford County, Clerk/Elections Office, does provide advanced voting that is taking place currently.
In office voting during the weekdays leading up to Election Day is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the County Clerk’s office.
On October 30, and November 1 they will have the voting open until 7:00 p.m.
On Saturday, November 3 they will have voting open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Registered voters in Ford County may also request a ballot by mail until October 30th.

I know because blacks are genetically unable to get a photo ID or fill out an absentee ballot, and if they do vote early, they all crowd the same early voting places to vote on the same day. Some how, everyone else who lives in the same neighborhoods can handle voting and getting an ID, just not black folk or Democrats.

And part of your proof is that government is always perfect. But if it’s not perfect, and underestimates… it’s proof of racism and bias.

They shouldn’t have to do all of that dullard. That’s the point. For decades it wasn’t an issue but hey, a black guy won the Presidency in a landslide. HOLY ■■■■, we need voter ID laws, like NOW. You can stick your head in the sand or wave your red pom poms all you want. People with common sense see what’s going on.

First of all you are half right.

Republicans and democrats will do anything to maintain their grip on power. Everybody knows it. Few will admit it. Will you?

Secondly. The NY times is not an unbiased news source. There is zero degrees of separation between the DNC and the NYT. The are exactly the same. With the exact same goals.

Third. There is no voter suppression one or two examples of irregulates means nothing. Who is suppressing the vote? And how is it being done, Give me five names.

I don’t. Too many people are completely ignorant about politics, just talk to some, and you will understand my meaning.

Even when I start a conversation with someone I agree with, politically or philosophically. Five minutes into the discussion with them, and it’s clear their extent of knowledge on politics and government is limited to reading headlines, or reciting the crap candidates spout in their lying assed campaign ads, two weeks before election.

So no, I do not want hordes of ignorant sheep canceling out my vote, because they are so ignorant, they don’t even know who the Speaker of the House is, or which political party controls their own state legislatures, much less Federal.

I know, pointing out some crack in the law an unfortunate person fell thru, does not mean it was an intended result, by the crafty politicians from that other Party. Mu-hahaha…


I’d respond but your second point proves you aren’t the least bit interested in the truth, so why bother?

Oh and Kemp and Kobach - that’s two right there. But since you’re already ignoring real news sources, I highly doubt you think they’ll count.

Oh so that’s your justification. “People are too stupid to vote.”. Well if that’s the case, I hereby demand that the rights of every Trump supporter to vote be revoked, as by electing and continuing to support Trump they have proven they are too stupid and uninformed to vote.

Oh what, is it not ok now? Why? My arbitrary voting criteria is just as valid as yours.

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I didn’t vote for Hillary, and I don’t really care what she recently said since it has been almost two years since she lost. I am though voting Democrat for Congress and Senate this election.

Look who doesn’t read. Speaking of uniformed voters, pretty sure that disqualifies you under your own standard.

But for those who do read, Here’s an actual court decision:

I was going to quote bits of it but reading through it again it’s absolutely rife with horrors that the Republican legislature committed.

A small sample:

Legislators additionally requested a racial breakdown of provisional voting, including out-of-precinct voting. Id. at *136-37. Out-of-precinct voting required the Board of Elections in each county to count the provisional ballot of an Election Day voter who appeared at the wrong precinct, but in the correct county, for all of the ballot items for which the voter was eligible to vote. Id. at *5-6. This provision assisted those who moved frequently, or who mistook a voting site as being in their correct precinct.
The district court found that the racial data revealed that African Americans disproportionately voted provisionally. Id. at *137. In fact, the General Assembly that had originally enacted the out-of-precinct voting legislation had specifically found that “of those registered voters who happened to vote provisional ballots outside their resident precincts” in 2004, “a disproportionately high percentage were African American.” Id. at *138. With SL 2013-381, the General Assembly altogether eliminated out-of-precinct voting. Id. at *15.

This is just one of dozens of examples, all with the legislature specifically requesting racial data and striking every single thing that African Americans did. It was passed party line and approved by the governor as fast as possible. Don’t want those brown people voting, apparently.

If you want to remain in blissful ignorance that’s your business. But trusting politicians who have done nothing to earn trust, is not something that thinking people should do.

Please tell me that you don’t believe that Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Wasserman Shultz and the others are pillars of virtue. Who are only interested in fair play. can’t believe that you actually believe such a fairy tale.

And BTW. Don’t tell me what I’m interested in. I will tell you. If you ask. Deal?

At least you’re honest in wanting to keep people from voting.

No, there is no proof election outcomes are being effected by those few article you have. But, the leader of your party openly told dems not to accept the outcome of the last election.

That’s hating democracy.


Did I ever mention Pelosi or any of those other utterly irrelevant people? Did I ever say she was a pillar of virtue? You can’t find me ever saying one positive word about Pelosi.

And regardless, she has absolutely nothing to do with voter suppression efforts or your blatant dismissal of news sources.

So here’s the “deal” partner - you stop being a dishonest shill and actually look at facts and evidence like an adult, and then maybe I’ll actually discuss things with you.

And that is a lie.

The whole post actually.

Don’t pretend with me that a lot of people are not ignorant of our politics and government.

What percent of dems votes are being suppressed? lol!

If being stupid was enough to curtail rights, the NRA would be out of business and the Republican party would never gain power again.

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