Republican Voter Supression Efforts

The immoral Republicans will do anything to maintain their grip on power.

Case Study 1: Georgia

Keep in mind the man in charge of running the voting is also running for Governor and refuses to recuse himself. He’s canceling thousands of registrations on dubious claims, and now there are reports the voting machines are changing votes.

Case Study 2: North Carolina

Laws that almost surgically targets African Americans went into effect while absentee ballots were rejected by the truck load - and guess which race they tended to be.

Case Study 3: Kansas

They moved the only polling place in Dodge City - a majority Hispanic city - outside of the town, more than a mile from the nearest bus stop.

Case Study 4: Just In, Texas

Are you ****ing kidding me?

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The GOP has lost in the arena of ideas. Their policies are largely unpopular. They’re not running on their lone major legislative achievement, tax cuts, and are having to flat out like about pretending to be champions of healthcare.

They know if people vote they’re screwed. Rather than adapt their positions they will just do everything to keep people from voting and abandon democracy all together if it serves their interest.


Bunch of authoritarians

SOP for the GOP

You shouldn’t take advantage of glitches… More proof the left is basically dishonest.

So your response to documented voter supression efforts is to say “it’s fine because California sucks.”

Your hatred of Democracy and American Ideals is noted.


Here is Michigan, their campaign commercials are mostly just lying about the Democratic candidates. Unfortunately, it seems to be working according to the latest polling numbers.

Did you denounce Hillary’s comments on not being civil because you lost an election? Of course not… No, dems did that I know of. So, which party really hates democracy?

Again, more justification of voter supression efforts.

I’m going to upgrade “hatred of Democracy” to “Complete and total loathing of Democracy.”. You better not dare call yourself a patriot.

And what are the goals of these articles? It’s obvious there is no one stopping people who want to vote.

But the left collects these little incidents and pretends it’s a large problem to undermine their voters faith in our democratic systems.

That’s about all they’ve been doing since they lost…

Very Sad. But what else can Dems do if their philosophy and history proves can’t fix any problems, only makes things worse…

The one that suppresses votes, which is republicans.

Every election cycle it’s the same crap, voting machines are changing votes, and yet inspections of machine shows this is never found to be true.

And then there is the photo ID argument, as if asking for a free state photo ID or driver’s license “targets” blacks. As if black people don’t buy cigarettes or beer, or buy plane tickets, or cash checks, or open bank accounts, or don’t do the hundreds of things that require a valid photo ID.

Then there are the weird, odd cracks in legislation that people might fall thru, and this too is proof of some genius, carefully designed Republican plan to discriminate against only Democrat voters.

Like I said before, dumb people wonder why the black community will never vote Republican. It’s because of their blatant attempts at voter suppression. It’s been a tool of the GOP for the last 8 years. Black people aren’t blind. You had a close election between Bush and Gore that had to be decided by the Supreme court. Not a peep from Republicans. You had another close election with Bush and Kerry. Afterwards not a peep from Republicans. A black man wins the election in a landslide and suddenly Republicans have voter ID laws coming out of their ass across the nation, trying to get rid of polling places, and attempting to kill early voting on top of that. Purging voter rolls is their latest tactic. Why not just hang a sign in neon lighting that says “WE DON’T WANT MINORITIES TO VOTE!!” lol. If you’re a minority and you see a party doing this your instinct is to rebel and vote against them…not join them. Meanwhile, after using these bush league tactics Republicans want to try to make the issue about voter fraud. How’s that Trump/Kobach voter “integrity” commission going by the way? lol


Each articles have specific examples of people who were stopped from voting.

Just say you don’t want minorities or Dems to vote and be honest with yourself.

Why, because we are supposed to buy into the notion that blacks are unable to get a photo ID, or can’t get to an early voting location of a 17 day period, or vote on election day?

It’s insulting, that people like you think there is something genetic about having black skin, which means you can’t do the same things everyone else can do. So, the Koreans and other Asians and Eastern European Americans, they can all seem to get an ID and/or early vote, but not people with brown skin.

Oh, and it also seems to be a genetic trait that if you are black, you are a Democrat, albeit without the ability to get a state photo ID. Pu-lease… :woozy_face:

They ****ing admitted it!

As ‘evidence of justifications’ for the changes to early voting, the State offered purported inconsistencies in voting hours across counties, including the fact that only some counties had decided to offer Sunday voting,” the 2016 decision read. “The State then elaborated on its justification, explaining that ‘[c]ounties with Sunday voting in 2014 were disproportionately black’ and ‘disproportionately Democratic.’”

How deep in the sand is your head buried?

That you are sitting there and typing out the definition of oligarchy. You who denounces Venezula nearly daily ijust broke my irony meter.

It ain’t socialism that is creating the super rich and the super poor in California. Silicon Valley and ventury capitalism are not socialist endevors.

The whole point of voter ID laws and closing polling places is to encourage more hurdles to jump through, long wait times, long lines in an attempt to discourage voting. It’s been blatant. Republicans don’t even try to hide it anymore lol.

“In documents provided to the state, Lee elections officials conceded its resources were inadequate, and “what we deployed on [Nov. 6] turned out not to be sufficient.” Despite a 70,000 increase in registered voters since 2008, the county slashed its number of polling places from 136 to 88 and dispatched fewer ballot-scanning machines.”

These are the kind of bush league tactics Republicans were trying across the nation. Stop waving the red pom poms for a minute.

“Facing allegations of voter suppression, scrutiny from voting rights groups, and calls to resign from his opponent, Georgia secretary of state and current GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp recently said that Stacey Abrams’s voter outreach effort “continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote,” according to a new report.

Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith reports that Kemp made the remarks during a ticketed October 19 “Georgia Professionals for Kemp” event held at Atlanta’s Blind Pig Parlour Bar, which was closed to the press. Someone who attended the event provided roughly 20 minutes of audio from Kemp’s speech to Rolling Stone.

Early in Kemp’s remarks, Smith reports, the gubernatorial candidate expressed concern about early voting in Georgia, particularly “the literally tens of millions of dollars that they [the Abrams campaign] are putting behind the get-out-the-vote effort to their base.”

Kemp also said that Abrams’s campaign had focused heavily on absentee ballots. “They have just an unprecedented number of that, which is something that continues to concern us,” he said, according to Rolling Stone. “Especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote — which they absolutely can — and mail those ballots in, we gotta have heavy turnout to offset that.”

Wouldn’t want everyone to excerise their right to vote, now would we? I wonder why?

Where did the state actually say that? And what was this grand scheme, to ask for a photo ID, or have the audacity to pass a law allowing 17 days or early voting?