Republican super PAC plans to spend $10 million on Sen. Lindsey Graham's campaign

$10 Million. On a race that by all rights should not be on the radar.

The race is currently tied 48% to 48%.

Even if Harrison ultimately loses, he clearly has done damage, not in the least by draining resources from other campaigns.

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I know it’s too much to hope for. I’m pretty positive Graham will win, but if he did lose, I’d have to set aside a separate night to celebrate just that.


Harrison campaign is spending a similar amount. Thus, same damage on the Dem side. :man_shrugging:

Not really.

The majority of Harrison’s money is locally raised small denomination donations. The money donated from Democratic PAC’s from outside South Carolina is much smaller.

And much more consequentially, Graham is in grave jeopardy of losing, which would be catastrophic to Republican Senate hopes.

Harrison fund raising commercials are running here in central Texas. I never thought I would see something likw that.

I don’t think Graham will lose his seat, but I would think that he would only lose his seat in a wave election, and I don’t think we’re going to have a wave election.

Lincoln Project smells blood.

Spending is spending. It’s money that could have been spent elsewhere (which, I believe, is your point about damage. The Republican PAC could have spend the earmarked $10mil elsewhere too.)

“Much of Harrison’s money has come from out of state, with national Democrats long ago marking the contest among their top targets. Harrison launched his campaign not in local media but on MSNBC, where he has been a frequent guest and where his campaign regularly advertises.”

Graham doing as poorly as he has is because he is a rino

I guess the American people are gonna do what Lindsey asked. Hold him accountable.

Lincoln Republicans…fighting for a more left leaning court.

Sure they are Republicans. Right.