Republican senator says Trump may be trying to make 'everybody crazy' by

Everyone is not on the Trump crazy train… Looks like Rick Scott will be getting a few rage tweets from Trump after this interview.

There’s nothing crazy about that idea. It makes perfect sense.

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Rest assured if it was other way around…democrats would be doing it without single word mention.

It’s alright, Scott will fall in line like the rest of the spineless cowards.

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i have asked this before and never got an answer… and i am asking sincerely…

do they normally ship the asylum seekers en mass to someplace or do they let them fend for themselves?

It does make sense! And you can tell by the apoplectic reaction of the two faced lying Democrat mayors and governors in blue state sanctuary cities and states at the mere thought of placing them in their communities. :open_mouth:

They are the ones going bat crazy! :crazy_face:

Does it matter? Is this normal?

Maybe this will help

yeah, it does…

if asylum seekers are normally shipped to and housed in one place and told to stay there until there case is heard, then sure, ship and house them in a sanctuary city, whats the big deal?

if they are left to there own devices, whats the point of shipping them to one place if they are going to stay with people they might know such as friends or family…

i dont know what the normal procedure is to compare it to what trump wants to do…

Do you have any examples, or is this just your imagination running wild?

The important part of what Scott said:

"Scott added: “But what I do know is I’ve been up there – I’ve been in the Senate for 90 days, we’re not securing our border. We’re not enforcing our laws.”

And what happens when all the usual drop off places are full?

As someone who lives right in the middle of a sanctuary city, I don’t see anything wrong with that idea. Immigrants mostly wind up in sanctuary cities anyhow.

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Instead of trying to lead the whole country, Trump is trying to make “everybody crazy” according to Rick Scott. What a great leader you’re supporting, Senator!

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San Francisco?

Instead of trying to lead the whole country,

Did Rick Scott say that?

YEAH it’s all over the news and the internet. Gavin Newsome, Nancy & the MSM going nuts. Calling it “cruel” , they used phrases like don’t “dump” em here! A few local mayors said fine while insulting the President in the process. You really need to branch out more for your information sources.

I though Trump ended catch and release?

So Trump who ran on ending catch and release is now going to weaponize the program to attack Democrats?

I could have swore Trump signed a EO ending catch and release did he lie?