Republican Pollster Reports on How Immigration Was a Losing Issue for R's in 2018

The Winston Group is a Republican Pollster. Their conclusion is that the overwhelming Republican focus on immigration in the 2018 campaign was a losing strategy.

We are now mired in a government shutdown that our President has proudly stated he was going to do to focus on the immigration issue.

Any of this suggest any course corrections that Republicans should make heading to 2020, or should opposition to immigration and building the wall remain at the center of Republican campaign strategy?

Remember, Winston Group is a Republican talking to Republicans, not a Democrat telling Republicans what they would like.

Fake news.

Immigration was 2nd behind healthcare.people want strong borders and a legal path that’s efficient…what trump is doing is making healthcare worse and a mess down at the border…

Also immigration is a base issue…unless the economy is bad…the economy is fairly good so less people are gonna find it important. So what you have is once again a small vocal minority of ■■■■■■■■ screaming till they get their way…

“Fake News”

Define please.

Does “Fake News” mean that your source is faulty… in which case point out the flaw in the source.

Or does “Fake News” mean “I don’t wanna listen to it,” in which case…

Sometimes it means “I think I’m being funny by saying “fake news””.

He/she was being sarcastic.




Complete and utter contradiction.

6 months ago. What has happening then?

Welcome back…

Already answered it in the 2nd quote…have a good one

I was never gone.

No you didn’t. When the economy is good, illegal immigration rises.

Sure you did…

Yes I did…

the economy is fairly good so less people are gonna find it important

Reading…it helps…no more hand holding sneaks

No, I didn’t. I have been here everyday. Reading the tripe and watching.

No, you didn’t. You don’t understand what they’re doing.

Sure I do…historical context plays to my.favor…whether you agree with me or not or think I dont know what I’m talking about is irrelevant…

I entertained you enough…I’m moving on…I don’t care enough to go down your irrelevant rabbit hole