Republican Mayra Flores just flipped a Texas district that went strongly for Biden

I suspect that the gnawing unease among the Democratic leadership in Washington just went up another notch or two. Biden’s sinking poll numbers were already contributing to speculation about dumping Biden for the 2024 election.

Between Biden’s glaring age-related issues and his growing list of failures, will Biden even be in office 2024?

Kamala Harris is probably the biggest factor keeping Biden in office. She seems even more inept and tone deaf than Biden, which is saying a lot. Will Democrats dump her as well?

Who will replace Biden?


Rise Up Hispanicos! Take your rightful place as the majority minority!



they’ll blame it on racism.

Yes, the district that flipped is overwhelmingly Hispanic and went to Biden by 13 points in 2020. This district in Texas is hardly unique; recent polls are showing a massive shift towards Republicans:

Will Democrats decide that a border wall really is a good idea when they realize they are importing future Republican voters?


So that makes House party majority change from plus 11 Dem to plus 10 Dem.

One step at a time.

ha interesting question. i doubt it because other destructive influences come through which they depend on, like cartel cash, fentanyl, terrorists, diseases we already eradicated here, and such and such

forgot guns too

Good for her. Reps will sweep into the house of reps soon enough

Arghl blarghl dems

I look forward to watching Pelosi’s eyebrows, lips and face contortion mumble, “no comprende”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

But if the dems could steal a general election what stopped them from stealing this vote?

In fact if the deep state was so successful in stealing the 2020 election on an unprecedented scale then we should see Democrat majoritys in the House and Senate come November.


First Congresswoman born in Mexico?


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That is genuinely pretty historic.

Good for her.

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I have always found this comical. If there was such widespread fraud why don’t the Dems have 60 votes in the Senate and a lot more votes in the House?

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Exactly but your applying logic to a position that was far from logical.

did zuckerberg dump millions into this one congressional race?

I knew nothing about Flores until this thread so I did some research. Apparently the dems decided to spend pretty much zero on a seat that is back up for grabs in November. Flores spent just over $1 mill.

But kudos to her on winning. She now has 4-5 months to solidify her position with voters to show she deserves a full term


“as if…”

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What is it with these single questions? Please elaborate on why you are asking this. What is your reasoning for asking?

Btw there was no voter fraud. Biden won because the nation decided he was the better choice. Just like in the election before when the nation decided Trump was the better choice.

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Correct. J’Biden “was the better choice” and there are no more mean tweets!


Nah mean tweets never bothered me. Trump supporters seem to be obsessed by that. I just did not care for his stream of verbal diarrhea that he continuously tweeted. The few good tweets he made were lost among his insane rantings.

Though we all know for someone who has gone on record not liking losers he will be forever known as the one term President who lost to Joe ■■■■■■■ Biden of all people LOL.