Republican lawmakers wore pearl necklaces to a gun violence hearing to mock victims of gun violence

These are real class acts, huh?

Good guys with guns?

This is essentially what Westboro does.

And the GOP (and the country) sinks lower and lower and lower.

Fat donald’s GOP in full display.

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You know, I read the headline and thought “This is surely making something out of nothing because some republican women decided to wear their nice outfits”.

Then I saw the men did it.

I don’t think I can say what I want to without earning a ban.


Now for rest of the story.

Rep. David Welch, R-Kingston and Scott Wallace, R-Danville wore pearl necklaces — a token from the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire (WDLNH), an organization that fights for Second Amendment rights and opposes HB 687.

“They gave them out to a whole bunch of us,” Welch, who opposes the bill, told the Union Leader .

And in case anyone wonders Woman Defense League…it’s about powering women.

Seems to me…libs have a problem with that.


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I can’t believe I used to vote for this party.

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Maybe libs should learn when their masters lie to em…and stop believing the BS they feed em.

“Years ago, for a hearing on constitutional carry [carrying a gun without a permit], members of our organization showed up in professional clothing and three happened to be wearing pearls,” Morin tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “A member of Moms Demand claimed she didn’t testify because she felt like she was in front of a firing squad. We don’t know why she said that. Ever since we’ve worn the pearls at hearings.”

Morin adds: “We’re just moms testifying on different sides of the issue. No one was ‘clutching pearls.’”

The Women’s Defense League website called HB 687 “the most destructive piece of legislation” in modern history: “The rights of law-abiding gun owners across the state can be stripped away by an angry ex-husband or wife; a psychopathic ex-roommate; a pissed off Mother-in-Law; an abusive boyfriend OR the police can file a petition on ANYONE at ANY TIME.”

Just maybe they won’t come off as so hysterical.

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Why did they wear them to THIS meeting? Just telegraphing to the citizens that they’re not going to listen at all.

And the rest of the rest of the story. It was to mock women. Why do R’s hate women?

From the Washington Post link:

Images from the statehouse — where legislators were considering arguments over a bill that would make it easier to take guns away from potentially dangerous people — caromed across social media as critics lobbed accusations of sexism and insensitivity at the necklace-wearing men.

The implication was clear, they said: These politicians thought gun-control activists were “clutching their pearls” in overwrought and self-righteous outrage — and, specifically, female outrage.

Pearl necklace? They get too close to ZZ Top?

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Washington Compost :rofl:

I don’t trust that guy in the picture, not enough medals.

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It had much more accurate and relevant information. Why is that a problem?

Right…the compost made no mention that Women defense league gave them the pearls to wear.

Just more of left-wing propaganda that compost spouts off with lies and manipulating of facts to get there sheep all riled up.

And it worked.


From the post:

Online, members of the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire, a pro-guns organization, have said Watts and other Moms Demand Action members have it all wrong: the pearls symbolize opposition to the bill itself and support for the Second Amendment and the Women’s Defense League — support for women, not denigration of them.

“The PEARLS are in support of the Women’s Defense League. Women who ACTUALLY PROMOTE GUN SAFETY and WOMEN’S RIGHTS,” tweeted Kimberly Morin, president of the group.

Morin told a local newspaper that they’ve been wearing pearls for this reason since 2016. She accused Watts, who lives in Colorado, of being an out-of-state “paid hack” who is lobbying for gun control legislation from afar and whose group doesn’t understand local politics. In a day-long Twitter offensive, Morin also called the Moms Demand Action volunteers “harpies,” a reference to a creature from Greek mythology that had the body of a bird and the head of a human woman.

Nowhere in your quote do I see where they gave em out.

“They gave them out to a whole bunch of us,” Welch, who opposes the bill, told the Union Leader .

Everything else you posted is nothing but emotional opinion of of left-wing propaganda site.

No one is buying the garbage excuse they scrambled to come up with once they realized they were being brutally, and rightfully so, savagely attacked for their cruelty here.

Men wore pearl necklaces because a group of pro-2A women also wear them. :roll_eyes:

Get outta here with that nonsense. I’m about as pro-2A as anyone else here, but what these MEN did was disgusting and just another example that the cruelty is the point. The GOP is dead to me.


Why is it important to include that they were given them as opposed to just saying what they mean and who is behind them?

Keep clutching those fake pearls libs.

At least those repubs were men enough to make fun of those women’s dead relatives to their faces I suppose.