Republican lawmaker Larry Inman charged with trying to sell vote to labor union


Here’s the best part…

"The indictment states that the communicationg was done via text and included one message that said “we never had this discussion.”

That’s just too funny.

Anyway, he tried to extort money out of them and got busted. It’s now gonna go to trial and he’s claiming he’s innocent. We’ve all heard that story before.

And if anybody asks, I didn’t start this thread. We never had this conversation.


Funny a Republican going after a union for support


It’s not like Michigan unions have any kind of record of corruption. Right? I believe that this clown is a state rep. If its’ true, it’s good that he got busted before he attained national prominence and became untouchable. Get em while we can.


I like the condemnation of both parties… innocent and guilty in this post.


So… you don’t like corruption?


You’re welcome. I just have very little trust in politicians of either party. Which is why I want as little power in government hands as we can possible have.

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Why do you ask?


Trying to figure out if it’s the “corruption” part that bothers you or just the “union corruption” that sets you off.


Hmmm. I didn’t know that you found me that interesting. Maybe I’ll keep the mystery alive. Lots of things set me off. Example: People who spit out gum in a urinal. Why would they do that? Somebody making $8.50 per hour has to reach in there and dig it out. Why?


The republicans in Michigan have become well adjusted to their positions of power. They can’t be voted out so why not demand money for votes?

Isn’t that what dems do? Why do they have all the fun?


It’s funny- when a Rep gets busted, you have little trust in politicians of both parties.

But when it’s the other side - you dont mention both parties - just the bad guys.


Like clockwork


I know that you think you are in a position to judge me. But you are not. You do not posses the moral high ground to do this. You are one of the most least qualified people to judge me there is. BTW. At no point have I EVER claimed to be a fan of or trusted the republican party. The only positive thing about the republican party is that they are better than the democrats. And that isn’t saying much. Your judgement as usual is severely flawed. Which is normally the case when you go off topic and go after people.


That’s because “both parties” deserve condemnation. It’s true that socialist Dems are more corrupt but there are plenty of corrupt RINO’s as well. The entire DC Swamp is toxic!

That’s why libertarians and conservatives support “smaller” Government vs the BEHEMOTH Government liberals support!


Yep. Why do the republicans need a special caucus just for conservatives? Because many republicans are not conservative.