Republican congressman quotes Mein Kampf on the house floor to accuse Democrats

Republicans are fully emboldened now. How did he know that a quote he thought might apply to a situation was in Mein Kampf?
I’m sure Republicans will call him out immediately. /s

Shocked it wasn’t Steve King.


Welcome to Trump’s America


Yes, the national socialists used the big lie too. I know why the left is afraid of history…

What’s your opinion on this racist idiot quoting Mein Kampf on the house floor? Good? bad?

What makes that racist? They were leftist using the big lie like dems were on collusion?

Good. Why not call out the truth? If the Democrats use the same techniques and want the same goals as laid out in the book, why wouldn’t he?

I forget. In libland is “book” a banned word too?

There are a few posters here who have accused other posters here of being nazis.

Wouldn’t it be weird to see those same posters in this thread complaining about someone using a passage to explain the big lie??

I wonder if those people have already posted or will very soon?


You aren’t allowed to say the word nazi or you will be flagged. I’ve learned that now from my liberal overlords.


using the word nazi in context is allowed. Calling others Nazi isnt. Even as a poe account you know that.


What the ■■■■ is a poe account? People keep saying that with no context.

And a near perfect method actor as well.

Parody Of Extreme”

In that vein, I quote from another socialist…

Did he read the rest of the book?

Is it racist to quote a guy, who quoted from that book? lol!

He’s using Mein Kampf, not academically, not critically, and not accurately, to spread an idea. He’s altering Nazi propaganda to reuse today against his political opponent.


Clearly Republicans are now quoting NAZI lore in order to re-institute genocide. Good catch CNN. Good catch, OP.

Why are you defending this guy?

Because the accusation is nonsense.
If he was trying to sell the evil ideas of Mein Kampf, that would be one thing. That is the implication and that is nonsense.

Hey, at least sane people have learned how not to be surprised anymore.