Republican challenger for OAC

This could get REALLY fun next year.

Both are black.
Both are female.
One was borner here, one is a true imigrant
One is a business owner, own was a waitress.

And I’m sure a lot of New Yorker’s would agree with this:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t worried about us. She’s worried about being famous. It’s time to rid NYC of AOC!

Scherie is also a proud Veterans advocate and continually works to revitalize her district by advocating for small businesses and economic development, promoting more school choices for parents, strengthening community police relations with commonsense solutions, and starting a larger dialogue around comprehensive immigration reform.

Has AOC done any of that.

This is going to be fun. How will AOC attack a fellow black woman?

One is GOP.

Not a chance in hell for that district.

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Probably not. Will AOC completely ignore her? How about and Dem opposition? Will they use this republican’s words against AOC?

Still might turn into the fun to watch catagory.

Good luck to her! By the way, when was the last time a republican held that seat?

Probably never.

She is more likely to be removed through democratic gerrymandering than a republican.

Do you have a problem with waitresses?


I just don’t get that line of attack. Anyone can run for Congress in our country. You don’t need the right pedigree. That’s what makes our country great.

If you think there need to be qualifications for elected office, why would you support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton? It wasn’t even close who was more qualified between the two.

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None at all.

Well okay some waitresses, but it’s because they are incompetant at waitressing.

If it has nothing to do with politics and I assumed that it was mentioned in that particular context rather than as a customer-waitress relationship I don’t see why it was included in your post. Surely you are not implying that being a waitress is not a suitable job to be a representative in your federal parliament?

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What is “democratic gerrymandering”?

I meant the democratic party gerrymandering her out of the seat.

Here is a suggestion: have an independent electoral commission that is responsible for the drawing up of boundaries, the running of the election and the counting of results.

I thought that was a Republican only thing?

If she loses, what will she do then?
My guess is she will tour with a circus sideshow.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it under advisement.

Dancing with the Stars


AOC represents an heavily Democratic-leaning Congressional district.
2012 Obama - 80%
2016 Clinton - 77%

You thought wrong. Look no further than Maryland, Illinois and New York for Democratic gerrymanders.

It also doesn’t make it right even if both parties do it.

Every one of the criteria you mentioned is irrelevant and the criteria you shortchanged (policies, which are presented in such summary form it’s hard to discern any details) is the most important thing.

In fact, one might say it was pure identity politics there…that’s not what you were intending to do, was it?

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