Republican AOC get the Trump bump

Republican are fawning over their own AOC type candidate down in FL… she has been banned from every social media platform and think school shooting are staged to undo the 2nd.

She will fit right in.

Laura Loomer, a 26-year-old conservative provocateur running for Congress in the Sunshine State, is gaining strength with activists and donors buzzing about the possibility she is the conservative answer to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“She’s the Republicans’ AOC,” longtime GOP strategist Roger Stone gushed to The Post. “She’s young. She’s energetic. She’s feisty. She’s anti-establishment, and she has an enormous national following, as does AOC, which can help finance a congressional race.”

Why does that name sound familiar? Who’s she related to? Who’re her parents?

so bad that even Lyft and Uber banned her.

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Don’t know if she’s related to anyone, but she’s been around for a while.

She used to work for O’Keefe, and has worked with Jacob Wohl as well. She once got shouted down at a Congressional hearing by a Congressman who was former auction caller, let me see if I can find the video…

she has been hanging out with Jacob Wohl and James Okeefe on many of their failed endeavors

I can tell that she’s already making the libs heads explode. This woman is going to be a darling of the right for years. I would love to get 20 more women just like her in Congress.

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Project Veritas. That’s where I know her from. O’Keefe.

The good news is, she has about as much of a shot winning the Florida 21st as I have becoming King of England.

If you become King, make me a duke.

but did Trump voter for her in the primary should be a question asked.

Is he registered in Florida, or New York?

If he’s registered to vote at Mar-a-Lago, then probably.

i would settle for a barony

yup he made a big deal about moving and he actually voted “by mail” this year. it is in quotation because he did not actually get ballot sent to DC, it was mailed to mar a lago and then sent up to dc where he voted then it was sent back to Florida… technically ballot harvesting

But you don’t get your own Army,

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hah! never knew that one.

Well, now that I’ve checked, I see that only the Florida Presidential primary has happened - the statewide Republican primary won’t happen until August. So Trump has not yet voted for her in the primary. But he probably will.

so the question should be if he will, not has he. thank you for the correction

For reference, the Florida 21st is Palm Beach County.

It’s got a Cook PVI of D+9, and went to Clinton by 20 points or so in 2016.

fox news is stupid for even comparing Loomer to the airhead of the century AOC

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republicans, or fox newz?