Republic - What it Means

In a democracy the sovereignty is in the entire group of people. In a republic the sovereignty is in each one of the people.

Oh good. More sovereign citizen BS.

In case Sneaky ever implies he’s not a member of society, that’s might be because he considers himself Moorish.

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A rather idiosyncratic definition.

Yeah, you’re right. It’s not as if the term “self-sovereignty” has a richer history than those screwballs.

Not at all. It is one of the definitions from the time of the founding.

You don’t understand the difference between a democracy and a republic and what that means or do you just not like the fact that the US is a republic and not mob rule?

I do. Sneaky doesn’t.

Entity, concern, or thing of the people (or the public)

If someone wants to consider themselves a “sovereign citizen” that’s fine by me. Just with the condition that they understand that if they don’t want our laws to apply to them then they don’t get to enjoy any of our laws’ protections, either. Meaning if they get arrested then no right to an attorney, a speedy trial, the 5th amendment, etc.

Form of government in the US. Sorry, I should have been more specific.

You are convoluting two entirely different things.

Not according to the Moorish citizens such as yourself.

You’re wasting your most precious commodity. He doesn’t care about this topic, he’s just here because for some strange reason he desperately needs my attention.

This topic is a waste of time given your inability to discuss it rationally and honestly. I spent hours with you on this topic, beat you like a rented mule on it, only to have you move the goal posts and redefine everything to suit your needs.

Nope you want to pick and choose which laws apply to you.

The US is a democratic republic or representative democracy: these are republican forms of government. The idea that “sovereignty is [or should be] in each one of the people” may be good or bad, right or wrong, or whatever, but it’s largely (entirely?) unrelated to the distinction between “democracy” and “republic.”

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Don’t be ridiculous.

No. That is incorrect.

Then why are you here?

None of your business.