REPORT: Yale Study Says ‘Illegal’ Population Possibly ‘TRIPLE’ Previous Estimates | Sean Hannity

A stunning study from Yale University is shedding new light on the immigration chaos taking place along the United States’ southern border with Mexico; claiming the illegal immigration population of the US is possibly “triple” previous estimates.

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From the OP linked article.

They decided to look at the number of illegal immigrants they figured arrived over the years, either jumping the border or arriving legally but overstaying their visas. They then looked at those who were deported, went back home on their own, died or otherwise left the unauthorized population.

So they used imaginary numbers to come up with their estimate, minus, or plus 14 million.

Sounds to me like they have no better lock on how many illegals are here than any other method being used.

So freaking glad that Fat Donald and the Trumplicans are doing every thing in their power, before the Dems get back in power, to drive our illegal populations ever farther into the shadows.

Woo Hoo!

MAGA :us:

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These Onion articles posted here amaze me