REPORT: White House Preparing for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Departure from Supreme Court | Sean Hannity

Senior White House aides and allies are quietly preparing for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s possible departure from the Supreme Court in the near future; setting the stage for a potential brutal confirmation battle should she retire.

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This is best left unreported.

agreed, Robert.

Hopefully we can put a conservative quickly to preserve our countrys morality,Blesed be theLord our GOD!

Supremely disturbing photo. “Come to me, my lovelies.”

Over on ZeroHedge the comments are along the lines of “Walk towards the light, Ruthie.”

Better to be prepared than to be caught by surprise like with Scalia. Even John Roberts could have a sudden heart attack.

I heard she’s returning to Transylvania and her old job of being a gargoyle squatting on the side of a Gothic building.

If you think the Kavanaugh hearing were something, just wait till President Trump has to nominate another Supreme Court member. I can’t even imagine what they’ll come up with regardless who he picks. And I have a pretty good imagination.