REPORT: Video Shows Rep. Omar Saying Terrorism Caused by US ‘Involvement’ in Global ‘Affairs’ | Sean Hannity

New footage surfaced on social media this week that showed Rep. Ilhan Omar blaming a 2013 Kenyan terror-attack on American ‘involvement’ in the region; saying “Usually most people want to not look internal and see what their actions that makes another react.”

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Obama was out of touch for 8 years and what happened the terrorists got stronger and bolder. Obama bowed to the thugs of the world and dished our friends. Obama was clueless on how to fix anything. He was not qualified to be President and it showed when he left office, he moved the DemocRAT Party to the far left and lost both houses the Presidency and over 1000 seats in the states of our union. I hope the people of her state realize the mistake they made and get rid of her next election. I sure do not want her to get $170,000.00 plus dollars retirement paid by Americans that I do not think she really likes.

Hmmm, let’s see which came first “The chicken or the egg”. i think it was the chicken about 3,000 years ago (terrorists). We didn’t join the world scene until 1776.

Another AOC buffoon who by a stroke of luck, was elected to congress.

Explain how "American involvement, forced terrorists to target people in Nairobi.

Wikipedia on the attack: “… The group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the incident, which it characterized as retribution for the Kenya Defence Forces’s deployment in the group’s home country of Somalia…”

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Who elects these idiots who want to destroy us from within? We need viter ID. Wake up America!!!

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In my old neighborhood, the West Side (not Upper) later ruined by the Yuppies who ripped everything down to gentrify the entire place, Nedicks, Sloans, Morris Camping, Rosemars Deli (75 Cents a hero and oil fired french fires starting in 1952, we lived in a $119 massive flat one mile north of Harlem. There were a lot of shady characters walking in the Soft Parade up Broadway in those days and we would watch 20 tvs tuned into the same Philco televisions in the huge window of the electronics store on a broiling 95 degree concrete Congo night with a cold brown bag of cherries, later on cans of Ballentine hawked by Mel Allen at Yankee Stadium as the homer chopped shot down the right field line. The cops and Bellevue Psychiatric had a Dragnet for dangerous crazies all over the City then but the lunatics on the streets of the West Side only numbered 5 and they were deemed harmless so the kids had some fun setting them off and we never had the bad people of today anywhere. We would have have beat them badly if they tried that with any one of us in the fifties maybe they were down on were on 42 for that reason… To your point, this Omar lady who may be anorexic who nobody in this country knows who she is, I am not sure if in my day as the lunatic she is, if she were to shout on 98 street if she would not be collared and trucked downtown to East 23 Street right into Bellvue and once they put you in that place it is very difficult to get out.

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I don’t think it was a stroke of luck, Mike, I think it was a lot of illegal voters.

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I like the way you think!! I’m old school myself!! :rofl: I cannot for the life of me think who the HELL voted for her!! ???:flushed:

This is not directed to an individual, but the topic. Obama not only was not qualified to be President, he was Anti-American! Benghazi was the result of giving rockets to the enemy; ISIS was created by the US providing funding to a “moderate” group, who then overran the Iraq airport, capturing weapons etc etc. It is recorded day by day on the process which took place. I am not going to preach, BUT, Americans must do something other than write replies to the current verbiage. The enemy is taking seats of power across the country. UNless we do something, our world will end one day and we will wonder when it happened. This politically correct BS will destroy our nation, simply because we don’t want to rock the boat and take the flack. The communist methodology is two steps forward, then one back. They never stop! The Democrats, the Democratic Party in the USA is a communist, leftist organization, as surely as the Leftist in South and Central America! They must be stopped at every step- not a single concession on anything. People such as President Trump is what is needed, and you see the flack he takes. Make your voice heard, loud and clear. Put pressure everywhere you can and don’t stop! This is a war, a counter insurgency war against real invaders. Do not be fooled.

The cause of radical Islam: