Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


One of the very few times I completely agree with you 100%.
:face_vomiting: JK


Yup- the parsing will be epic…


All that lying.

Sounds like someone else we know.


I believe they are referring to the other day when we were pointing and laughing at Trump serving a few hundred dollar’s worth of congealed room-temperature hamberders to a champion sports team in the White House.


Oh, I forgot that hurt their feelings.


I’m sure he flew commercial.


Mueller is not going to release his report, nor should he, until he has dotted all the i’s and crossed every t.

Cohen is set to testify in front of House committee F7. It will be extremely informative.

And it’s time for Republicans to step up, but that’s unlikely to happen. They certainly don’t seem to care we have a traitor in the White House.

So we wait for Mueller.


Laughing at the Republicans who thought they were going to get a laptop for their birthday but instead go an etch-a-sketch but are still convinced its a laptop.


Something, something, McDonalds, something, Hamberdler, something, Clemson.


I don’t really care, do u?


I can dig a pony and also draw one on an etch-a-scetch


Cohen’s testimony to Congress on the the 7th should be interesting!


Am I the only one to notice the directly proportional relationship between how bad the evidence of Trump’s criminality gets in the media and the likelihood of 521 errors disabling discussion on the board?


Just a reminder of those that are taking the Cohen lacks credibility route, that Cohen was not the source of this story. His credibility is irrelevant as the story alleges that multiple modes of medium exist that corroborate the allegations. Happy debating!


What?! I thought they were doing that to keep me from demolishing the liberals accusations.


Well, seems to me everything we learn about the mueller investigation comes from people outside of the mueller team - shortly before court filings are made public etc…So maybe that is going to happen.

The other possibility is, this crime is small potatoes and Mueller wants to finish working not eh larger issues.





There are so many avenues of likely crimes by Trump that multiple different reports of criminality is going to be key to sell impeachment. The House needs to be very careful about going down the impeachment route until all- and I mean all- the ducks are in a row. That means definitely waiting for the Mueller reports.


It’s a few days old. If you can’t live without knowing, I suggest you review the postings. The mob drama mouth-breathers have moved on to new outrage topics. I believe today’s menu choices include violations of capitalization rules and a few Melania and airplane rides or Cohen bags of money something something. For dessert, Tom Arnold may finally produce the Trump racist comments tape a la mode.


No, it’s like murder for hire.