Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


Etch-a-sketches are ■■■■■■■ awesome.


lefties already off the burger gate story.


Thank you.


When it comes to Trump we usually do not know who will get the last laugh. Film at eleven.


The New York Times publishes a fashion section, and a crossword puzzle every day.


What’s burger gate? That sounds awesome too.




It’s like the Trump Twitter equivalent of emergency lighting.


Dollar Don, aka President Wetburder


Ahhhhhhh, yes.


You’d genuinely stage an intervention if you had a close friend tweeting like this.


I think the GOP senators will simply say “sure, he did it, but it/s not impeachable.”


Trump will be President for life.


Lindsey Graham is probably deeply concerned.


The comments on the Fox News story are essentially blowing the horns for a massive retreat to that defensive position. All loyal soldiers are scrambling to gather their canteens and loose ammunition. A few have already reached the bunker, and the party line now is - “Why should we care if Trump told Cohen to ‘stretch a few’ dates?” I’m serious.

It’s all happening.


This is going to be interesting. If there has been anytime Trump needs a new bright shiny object, this is it. I wonder what he is going to pull out of his ass.


LMAO… this is like someone being accused of murder for telling a surgeon the wrong way to do an operation! LOL!


I’m imagining Rush going full Baghdad Bob later today.


While meeting with Erdogan in Ankara… Say, what is he doing out of the country during a shutdown?


I disagree. Personally, I think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. But that’s just my opinion.


I agree. If there is proof that Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress then Mueller needs to provide this proof right now to Congress and let them decide if impeachment is warranted. What, he’s gong to wait until Trump’s term is nearly over an then provide this scathing report? What good would that do other than look like a hit piece right before the election.