Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


TDS flaring up real nice today! Lol!


Replace “Cohen” with “Trump” and your statement is no less accurate.


Senate proved on the Deripaska vote that they just don’t give a ■■■■ about what’s good for America.

There are many members of the Trump Fifth Avenue club over there.


Fifth Avenue.


The problem there being that Trump has also lied about this subject from the very beginning.

The buzzfeed story is saying it’s more than just Cohens word however. Multiple witnesses and emails etc.


Needs to get worse.


Those raids on Cohens and Manaforts offices were pretty fruitful, I bet.


They’ve only had about 16 hours. Give them some time. They’re not actual journalists over there.


Pretty much correct.

Will still wait.

What did the emails say, exactly? Who were they from? Were the “witnesses” people who heard Trump tell Cohen to lie or were they people repeating some rumor they heard from someone who heard a rumor that started after the fact?

Not excited yet.

Cohen’s word, of course, is the least worrisome evidence.


Ya it’s early days.

Normally I’d be skeptical of buzzfeed but they have retooled a bit in the last few years to more serious reporting, and one of the journo’s who worked on this piece is a pulitzer winner for his investigative journalism.

If it’s true, I don’t see how Trump’s Presidency continues. But after '16 who knows.


They keep forgetting that Cohen raid. That’s were the bodies were discovered.


Dude was recording convo’s with his client when he was running for President.

Cohen might have been a terrible “fixer”, but he sure seemed to know how to cover his ass.


So the WH still hasn’t officially denied the buzzfeed allegations yet? Uh-oh.


Hogan Gidley? Why does every person in the WH media shop have names like they were written by a teenage fan fic author in 1995?


Absolutely. And if you are going to lie to Congress because the President told you to, and you are someone who covers all these things with recordings and documentation, then you are certainly gong to cover that. So if he ordered Cohen to lie, that will be documented. Conversely, if Cohen did not have such documentation, it is strong evidence it did not happen.


BTW: This is not trivial. The President is probably watching Fox News. What they choose to tell him is important.


Anyone know what Fox & Friends’ narrative is this morning?


Let’s get this show going.


Merkley is right- but DoLoop is also right that the Congress has been dominated by 5th Avenue republicans who would allow for pretty much anything. I would guess there has to be multiple examples of crimes committed before they would vote to convict. We’ll see.

His poll numbers are dropping into the 30s tho. Breaking the threshold into the lower 30s would also make impeachment/conviction easier.


laughing at the liberals that thought they were going to get a pony for their birthday but instead got an etch a sketch.